Are you getting married in 2024 or 2025 and want to know if the date is still available?

Why marriage is important to me

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Why getting married is very special

I think it’s such a special thing: on a beautiful day, you decide to get married together. Often couples have already discussed what their future will look like, but when the question is finally asked, it is as if time stands still. Assuming for a moment that “he is asking you”: he has seriously been running around with the idea in his head for a while. Without you knowing it (often). And thus totally planned this one-off moment. He has decided on the location, the moment, the way: how special! It’s finally going to happen. I feel that many women know from an early age, but sometimes men need a little time to weigh the pros and cons. “Why get married?” And so I still wanted to write an argument that included the pros of getting married. Because getting married is a really big thing.

Getting married is expensive

Well, first the negative. Let there be no doubt: a wedding day usually costs a lot of money. You also often hear people say, “everywhere that has the word wedding in it, you pay extra.” And in part that is true. Because it is a unique day. And if at all possible, everything should go according to plan. So you start saving. For a wedding venue, for the wedding dress, for your photographer (or photographers ; ) and for the flowers, the printing, your honeymoon and much more. “And all that for 1 day?!”

However, weddings never last just 1 day. After all, you are preparing months in advance. You meet at wedding venues, look for fine photo locations, try out a few wedding cakes if at all possible before you find the tastiest one and not to mention that moment with picking out your wedding dress (or he his wedding suit).

You have a bachelorette party, maybe a “bridal shower,” you visit a wedding fair, you talk to girlfriends about what you’re going to do in terms of styling (or not), you meet with your master of ceremonies(s) and discuss your wishes for the day, and maybe you have a tasting dinner as well. Some couples do a loveshoot, go looking for a matching tie together, spend hours picking out the perfect wedding card, in short: marriage doesn’t last a day, it lasts much longer.

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Your wedding day as a reflection of yourself

The question is whether you enjoy spending so much time on the wedding day. You can outsource the less fun parts to a wedding planner and if you want to have a relatively small wedding day, that will also save you a lot of choices and payment moments, but the fact remains: you are really busy with all those things related to marriage. Things you hadn’t thought about beforehand that you would encounter when getting married. Ultimately, your wedding day will be a reflection of how you are. You can opt for a huge party with DJ and band or you might choose a small understated dinner party. In any case, choose something you are comfortable with.

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Getting married is something you do together with family and friends

I often hear that brides and grooms are thrilled when the day finally arrives. Not even just because they are looking forward to “the day,” but also because now all the choices have been made. All they have left to do is enjoy everything that comes their way. And after that day, they look back on a wonderful day, just as they had chosen. When Ramon and I had our wedding day we were full of memories of that one day. We had never gotten that many memories in 1 day. For example, the moment we arrived at the wedding venue and saw all of our family, the moment I was given away by my dad and he even got emotional for a moment, the moment Ramon’s sister (completely behind our backs) had arranged a personal gift with many sweet people leaving a card or message, the speeches, the photo shoot, the fact that everyone had thought about their clothes (some people had specially bought new clothes!), people had asked for time off, booked hotel rooms and all of that because we had decided at one point that it was time to get married.

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Speeches, personal words and thank yous

And then 1 of my favorite parts of weddings; the speeches. In a few minutes, you’ll hear what people really think of you. Of course, everything is made just that little bit prettier because you are the center of attention as a speech-giver, but still, the words are often heartfelt. And totally the speeches from parents are fantastic. Your mother tells you in a nutshell how they experienced the early years with you and how you then grew into the adult you are today. And in the face of all the guests, it describes how you met your life partner. Between the words, you suddenly realize how much your parents have always loved you. And that’s why this is also a great time to say your own thanks. The words spoken on this day might otherwise never be said. And would you like to tell your parents something, but can’t do it yourself: maybe the wedding officiant can do it for you during the ceremony.

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Your wedding day is a unique day

Really, your wedding day is not so easy to compare to any other day. Maybe it’s a little like having a birthday, your graduation, a day of vacation, the first day at your new job, the birth of your first child, and the perfect Sunday morning in 1. In any case, it is a day never to be forgotten. And if you’re not convinced by now of how beautiful getting married really is, then I don’t know what is. But I am very happily married and so a little biased of course : ).

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