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Where can I find an indoor location for the photo shoot?

Rain during your wedding, 6 suggestions for finding an indoor venue.
“Help, it’s going to rain! And we haven’t found an indoor location for the photo shoot yet.” We hear this quite often and that’s why we would like to give you some tips, so you don’t fall into this trap. The tricky thing with rain is that you have to reckon with a totally different setting than you imagined all along. Virtually no one imagines rain at their wedding. Well, unless you are getting married in the middle of winter of course. But actually, rain at your wedding doesn’t have to be a problem at all. If you are flexible yourself and just focus on your soon-to-be, your guests and the wonderful events of the day, the photos will really work out.

Still, with a little preparation, you can avoid nasty surprises. In any case, we recommend looking for these types of places in the time leading up to your wedding:

1. A bright indoor location with large windows, such as an old monastery, a museum, or a stately mansion.

Indoor location photo shoot at your wedding, large windows, black and white silhouette.

Groom stands inside during rainy photo shoot.

Bridal couple in a greenhouse during rainy shoot.

Also consider an empty greenhouse or orangery. Karlijn and Ramon for example had found a very nice photogenic orangery in Dordrecht for their wedding shoot and even though it was quite dry on their day, we made good use of it! Greenhouses and orangeries come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll find them most often on estates and around castles.

2. An indoor location for the wedding photos that means something to you, such as a restaurant, cafe or the cinema.

Outside it's cold, inside photoshoot beautiful location Dordrecht.

Sample photo indoor location can be beautiful on rain wedding day.

Wedding Photography-Dordrecht-By Rain Energy House

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For example, with Linda and Leon’s photo shoot we went to the Energiehuis in Dordrecht. A location where you have to make a reservation and then you can photograph there quite undisturbed. Then when you end the shoot with a nice cappuccino or mint tea, at Khotinsky, everyone is happy.

3. An (old) industrial photo location such as the ENKA fabriek or the Metaal Kathedraal.

Artis Amsterdam as an indoor location when it is raining outside.

The above photo we took “above Artis”.

ENKA fabriek in Ede as photo shoot location.

The photo above was taken at the Enka fabriek. Unfortunately, this space (if I am not mistaken) is no longer available.

De Metaal Kathedraal as an industrial photo location.

The photo above was taken at De Metaal Kathedraal.

Wedding pictures at Enka in Ede.

The photo above again at the Enka Fabriek.

Artis Amsterdam with large windows and industrial vintage look.

The one above was made at Artis (above).

De Metaal Kathedraal for your indoor photo shoot when it rains.

The photo above at De Metaal Kathedraal.

Factory warehouse near Holten for an indoor photo shoot.

Dramatic light in De Metaal Kathedraal.

Indoor location photo shoot at your wedding-5

Two years ago we went to the ENKA Fabriek for Karen and Hendrik’s bridal shoot. This was back in the days when hardly anyone knew this location before the shoot. By now, a lot of brides and grooms have already checked them out and I get it. It is an awesome location with lots of light, large spaces and a nice industrial atmosphere.

The Metaal Kathedraal, near Utrecht, is also a beautiful location. Here we have been recently with Anke & Nils. And not because it was going to rain tremendously on their wedding day, but more so because the location is just too crazy by itself. We would like to use Dordt Yard Dordrecht again and Radio Kootwijk near Apeldoorn (hinthinthint!).

The downside to these types of locations, however, is that you often have to pay. Someone has to open the doors especially for you and that just costs money. Think of amounts from 50 to 200 euros. But then again, that keeps the location nice and exclusive of course.

4. Simply use your own photogenic wedding venue as an indoor location.


Wedding Photography-Amsterdam-Industrial-Great-Club-028

Wedding Photography-Amsterdam-Industrial-Great-Club-005

Wedding Photography-Amsterdam-Industrial-Great-Club-029


Wedding Photography-Amsterdam-Industrial-Great-Club-006



Sometimes an indoor location for the photo shoot is hugely photogenic in itself. For example, we recently had a wedding at Hotel Merlet and when it turned out it was going to rain all afternoon we decided to just do the shoot here. We grabbed our video light and flash and got to work with Rhianne and Bart-Jan. First in their super hip bridal suite (see below) and later in the hotel lobby and bar. And actually, we were secretly immensely proud of the result.

For indoor shoots, it’s helpful when you have a little bit of space. A narrow corridor is trickier to use than a wide staircase with statues and insane wood ornaments. Venues such as Rhederoord, Landgoed Waterland and the Amstel Hotel work great, but if you are currently getting married somewhere else: your wedding venue is bound to be suitable as well.

5. You can also use the bridal suite in advance if it turns out to be raining outside.



Rhianne and Bart Jan wanted to take photos inside anyway, because they had such a unique bridal suite and they were absolutely right. Bridal suites often have large windows and are often beautifully and stylishly decorated. Or perhaps just a little more extremenly decorated than you’re normally used to and, precisely because of that, hugely enjoyable for a few photos. In addition, they are often the largest rooms in the hotel and so you have plenty of space. In short: lots of possibilities.

6. A covered indoor location for the photo shoot, such as under a bridge, overpass, or gate.

Wedding Photography-Amsterdam-Industrial-Great-Club-014

And another option is just to use umbrellas or other things that stop the rain. Small verandas, an overhanging balcony or simply a bridge. As long as it stops rain, it’s usable. For the above photo, we used the pedestrian tunnel at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Simple and effective.

In any case, you can always take a few photos with your cell phone, tablet or camera and send them to your wedding photographer. That way, he (or she) can already check if the location will work for you. Have fun in the meantime! And if you have any other fun or beautiful indoor locations, let us know in the comments.

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