Are you getting married in 2024 or 2025 and want to know if the date is still available?

What about the details? Pastel chique.

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It’s the end of the season for us. And because we have more spare time we love to blog about details. Normally we don’t have that much room to show them (because we want to show you moments, emotion and loads of love) but now we show those details anyway.

During E&F’s wedding we saw a very clear theme; Pastel Chique. When we emailed the bride about this theme she told us: “I had an inpiration session with Miriam (my sister) who owns Oh Hello ( We decided upon the theme “Pastel Chique”, a combination of feminine/love/joy and happiness and masculine/austere/modern and sophisticated. Think about XL-balloons for joy and festivity, crane birds for happiness and a handwritten font for sophistication within an austere modern setting.  I sent the bride a few questions about their wedding and she wrote me back, quite happy because she was so excited about the way her wedding turned out.

She told us that she started planning her wedding about 1.5 years before the big day. Her inspiration was found on Style me Pretty and Pinterest. The last three months before the wedding were all about organizing, planning and ordering the decoration. The fun part here is the fact that F’s sister is totally in to weddings as well. She has a great eye for detail and knows a lot about current trends. E told us her sister worked for months and months on the styling and decoration. She was such a great help. Not only in the months before the wedding, but on the day itself as well.

F told us she had such a wonderful team of vendors that she didn’t have any problems. They were all professional, kind and thorough. She would recommend them any day of the week. She also told us that the flowers you see in her photos were very important. You see their thematic colors mint green, blush pink and white. The white was seen in the Orchids they chose to represent F’s dad who unfortunately is no longer with us.


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Pre-huwelijksnacht: Bossche Suites (
Bruidsjapon: Pronovias
Pak bruidegom: Hugo Boss
Jurkjes bruidskinderen: jurkje “Loïs” (
Visagie: EMA visagie
Uitnodiging/stationary: Ohhello (
Styling: Ohhello, In Style styling & decoraties (
Decoratie: Ohhello, Etsy,,
Ringendoosje en gastenboek: 1000en1boeken (
Wenskaars: mooidoormij (
Lunch: Heerlijk & Hecht (
Taart: Sweet Appetite (
Kerklocatie: Lambertuskerk te Vught (
Receptie-, diner- en feestlocatie: Klooster Bethlehem te Haaren NB (