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Wedding Restaurant One Roermond

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Getting married at Michelin Star Restaurant One

Nadine and Arnout are foodies. I think it’s fair to say that, because they can greatly enjoy special dinners, the dishes, the ambiance, the surprise, the flavors and the drinks to go with it. And so it was clear to them: when we get married, we will do it in a Michelin Star Restaurant.
I don’t blame them, because what an experience! For themselves, of course, but also for the guests.

And tada: for us, too! Shall I admit in all honesty that I was quite a bit nervous about participating in such a special dinner? What if I don’t like it? Ah, exciting!

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Preparations at Grand Hotel Valies

The morning began well: they had both slept at Grand Hotel Valies and also did their preparations here. It was all exciting, though, because it wasn’t until the night before the wedding that they were 100% sure everything could take place. In fact, there had just been another press conference announcing that the restaurants would have to close earlier. And then when you dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant, of course you want to have time to enjoy yourself.

To be on the safe side, it was decided to just start dinner at 1:30 p.m., so they had at least several hours. Fortunately, it turned out that they would eventually have until 8 p.m. that night.

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Photoshoot in Roermond

We did the photo shoot partly at Grand Hotel Valies and partly in the little park which is behind the hotel. From the hotel, you can get to restaurant One in no more than ten minutes, so as we walked toward this location, we used some great spots. And how much luck can you have with the weather in November? Look at that sunshine!

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Overview of wedding ceremony at restaurant one in roermond.

Getting married at One in Roermond

It had been a while for us to photograph a wedding at and Michelin star Restaurant. We had been to the Roode Koper and the Treeswijkhoeve before, but this was actually the first time we really had that restaurant feeling, combined with the fact that it was a real wedding. So the ceremony took place at Restaurant One itself, knowing that other guests would be received that evening. This suited the bride and groom and the mood of the day super well!

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Private Dining at One

The company went to a separate room from One. Here you can dine with your own company and so tables were already waiting. Guests received a delicious Gin Tonic. We were also allowed to join them for dinner and were served a delicious mocktail. There was plenty of time for this part of the day, as Nadine and Arnout really wanted to enjoy this unique moment together with their guests.
How cool it was! We took a picture of each dish, because each dish was a work of art in itself. Not only in taste and texture, but also in how it looked!

Private dining at restaurant one.
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Court of One in Roermond.
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Entrance to Restaurant One in Roermond during a wedding day.

Photos at One

We took a few more pictures outside and then said goodbye. In retrospect, this was a particularly emotional day. Not just because these two amazing people were getting married, or because their guests were so sweet and open (including to us), but because this day had already been postponed for a year and then almost cancelled because there was an emergency press conference all at once. So much could have gone wrong, but in the end it was just such a beautiful day…. a day we will not soon forget <3

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  • Location and Dinner: Restaurant One
  • Styling: In Style Styling & Decorations
  • Wedding dress: Ann & John
  • Wedding suit: Roka
  • Rings: DIART silversmiths
  • Bridal Bouquet: Cobi Naturally Special
  • Invitations: Eelko Lommers (BEAMUZE)
  • Hairstyle & make-up: Rafke Hotterbeekx (Make-up your Mind)
  • Bonbons: La Féve