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Wedding photography Wijnfort Lent Landmark

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A loveshoot prior to the wedding day

Bart and Robert were getting married and wondered if we would capture their wedding day. Our answer: YES! Robert had to convince Bart a little extra first, but fortunately that went very quickly. The introductory meeting was very pleasant and a few months later we first photographed their loveshoot in Arnhem.

Starting in Nijmegen

The wedding day began at the home of both gentlemen. Here their kids were also present, so a cozy crowd. The preparations were photographed and we could leave by car for the photo shoot. Robert had arranged for us to photograph at a sand mining area. We fortunately did not have to put on hardhats and could walk right through at the gate. It was pretty windy which did make photographing difficult at times, but what an awesome location! Really totally different from locations in this area where we had been before. In an hour we made a large number of images after which we had lunch.

Wine Fort Lent

In the afternoon I drove with Vivian ter Huurne, the wedding planner for this day, to the wedding location, Landmark in Nijmegen-lent. I already discussed with Maud Wilms and Mariëlle Jongmans what would take place during the ceremony and we looked at what else needed to be done to get the most beautiful photos possible. Pretty soon after, the first guests arrived and in no time the ceremony could begin. Mariëlle had thought of a few special things to really involve the children in the ceremony as well. For example, singing a song, signing autographs in the wedding book and also bringing the rings forward. The children were given a long ribbon and then could “thread” the rings on this. That way the rings could not accidentally fall on the ground, super smart.

Launching balloons during your wedding day

After the ceremony, it was time to launch some balloons atop the Wine Fortress. There were also congratulations and toasts. When the party came back downstairs, a delicious sweet table from Stylish Sweet was waiting. Bart and Robert cut to cake after which everyone could grab a plate of goodies. A little later we went to take some more pictures at the Waal beach. However, the Waal beach turned out to be completely underwater, so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful tall grass that was present. After the shoot, dinner began and a flash mob a few hours later. When the flashmob was over and the guests started dancing nicely, the day was over for us again.

Wedding Location: Wijnfort Lent, Landmark
Wedding suit: Solo per Lui
Wedding planner and stylist: The Bridesmaid
Nanny: La NouNou
Wedding shoes: Choizz
Wedding Rings: Metal Art
Officer: Mariëlle Jongmans
Wedding cake/ Sweet table: Stylish Sweet
Videographer: Filming the wedding
Music during the day: Maud Wilms
Band: Three o Four
Live painting: party in Verve

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