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Wedding photography duo

Perhaps the question we answer most often is the question of what is actually the advantage of having two photographers for your wedding. For this reason, we have decided to look into this in more detail. We love to show you the difference between one or two wedding photographers.

Why two wedding photographers?

We often photograph together as a wedding photography duo. The reason why is quite simple: together we make sure that your wedding story is captured as completely as possible.

So we are often physically on two different locations during the day: think of the preparations, the first-look moment, the photo shoot where we like to take ‘real’ pictures, without you having to pose, but also the moments that should at least be photographed.

bruiloft gefotografeerd vanuit twee standpunten door twee fotografen
The First Look moment: Hermine is upstairs with the bride and Ramon captures the arrival of the groom.

Advantages of having two photographers at your wedding

Just a summary of the benefits of having two wedding photographers. We would like to show you some examples of why it is definitely worth considering choosing two photographers.

  1. Two see more than one: a mutual division between two wedding photographers ensures as many moments in the photo as possible.
  2. Split up: photographers can be in two places at the same time.
  3. Less stress: you don’t have to take us into account for your schedule.
  4. Number of photos: you get about one and a half times more photos.

1. Two see more than one

We made a subdivision, with Ramon taking different pictures than Hermine. At the wedding ceremony Ramon photographs for example the kiss, the putting on of the rings and the signing of the certificate, while Hermine focuses on that tear of a mother, your bridesmaid who stares a little bored in front of her or your best friends who give you all the love in the world.

We want to capture your must-haves and spontaneous moments. That you notice us as little as possible and think afterwards “I didn’t notice at all that they were there!”.

Trouwen in het Bos TB D 073
The wedding ceremony: Ramon photographs the 'must-haves', while Hermine can capture creative or emotional moments.

2. Photos of you and your guests

And together we tackle all those emotions that often happen at expected, but also at unexpected moments. After all, there’s a good chance someone will shed a tear during an unguarded moment, a family member will give a speech or you’ll have a quiet moment with your mum or best friend during the morning.

We believe that we can make the most beautiful photos if we are completely in tune with your day and can immerse ourselves in the spontaneous and unguarded moments in which you enjoy each other and your guests.

Bruiloft Japanse Stijl SR 044
Reception and congratulations: from two angles, because then you can capture several little stories.

Do you have a question about your wedding day or wedding photography?

As experienced wedding photographers, we are happy to share our knowledge and network. Send us a message with your question.

ramon en hermine 001 1

3. We can split up: Preparations in two locations.

Below we show a few examples of situations during a wedding where two completely different wedding photos were taken at the same time. For example, you can see that during the preparations we split up. Hermine stays with the bride to capture the preparations, all the details and the moments. We often notice that it is nice for brides to have an extra woman with them. Especially one that can also give tips on how to close a wedding dress or whether the dress should be worn “up or down”.

Split between two wedding photographers

Ramon often drops Hermine off in the morning and then drives to the groom’s for “the other side of the story”. Often the groom finishes his preparations fairly quickly, but the moments that come afterwards, chatting with family and friends, provide many beautiful images.

duo bruidsfotografie zorgt voor foto's bij bruidegom en bruid
Preparation of bride & groom: Hermine photographs the bride, while Ramon captures the part of the groom.

4. You get more wedding photos and more creativity

It might make sense to think that you’d get twice as many photos as well, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case. You book us together because you will get different or maybe even better pictures.

While one photographer may focus on must-have moments, think rings, kiss and signing, another may focus on other moments. Moments that are not so easy to predict, for example. Like a niece dropping the rings, your grandmother enjoying a delicious piece of cake, or friends looking for a quiet spot to take their own picture.

Twice as many photos?

In practice, we assume that you get about one and a half times as many photos. Why not two? Because one of us can focus on those must-have moments, the other can also take his or her time. For example, by standing at a distance and photographing the ceremony setting.

Or you know that a beautiful composition will arise, when people walk by and you are waiting for “le moment décisif”: the moment when everything comes together in one image. So while on the one hand you can be sure that all the characteristic wedding moments will be on the photo, on the other hand someone is working hard to tell extra stories, creatively and professionally.

Trouw Vijverkafee Diepenbeek 054
While Hermine follows the congratulations of the bride, Ramon is with the groom and his friends.

Why not just one wedding photographer?

Alright. Of course, there are downsides to having a wedding photography duo. We’re also not saying you should necessarily have two photographers. It is also possible to go for one photographer, especially if you have a small group. There are certainly advantages to be found.

Benefits of one wedding photographer:

  1. Money: one photographer is cheaper than two.
  2. More inconspicuous: only one person walks around.

The biggest difference is the cost

When you hire two people it automatically costs more than one. Unless, for example, you are considering a top photographer or still those two amature photographers. But at least with us, it costs more to go for the two of us. In terms of price, you pay about €1000 extra, regardless of the number of hours of photography. See here a complete overview of the prices.

However, with one wedding photographer there are also additional costs

Perhaps it is good to know that if you also want photos of the preparations, we recommend to book an extra hour with one photographer. Because your photographer has to go to two locations and that takes time. You also need to take into account the schedule: when is the dress on, when is the suit on and can this be done at different times?

Trouwfotografie Hotel Winselerhof Limburg 040

What about that invisibility?

In itself, it sounds logical to say that one wedding photographer is more invisible than two photographers. But, and this is a big but, it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you have an intimate wedding with a small party, then it is not necessarily necessary to have a second photographer. By small company we mean about 15 guests. If you have 60+ guests then we really recommend going for those two photographers. Because the convenient thing about two is that you don’t have to constantly walk back and forth.


When you shoot everything on your own you have a whole list of images you want to make. And so you walk back and forth more. Everything depends on your plans, the number of guests you have, the moments that will take place and for example the wedding location. Are you in doubt? Please contact us and we will think along with you. On this page you can read more about how we work.

Photos by a man and a woman

Secretly Ramon and I (Hermine) have an extra advantage: we are married ourselves. And since we are married we also know what it is to be married. To spend months planning and living towards that special day. In addition, we are fully in tune with each other. I look at him and he knows, “move over.” He looks at me and I know I have to hide for his overview photo.

Backdrop bruiloft 0056

A complete wedding reportage

We also know, through years of experience, that we work on 1 product: your wedding reportage. Years back it sometimes was quite awkward to see Ramon win wedding photography awards and me less so. Until we realized that it is all about the end product: we want a complete reportage for you as a couple. It doesn’t matter which of us takes award winning wedding photos, as long as you get a complete wedding report. And a mix of “creative and unique” with “photos you just want to have anyway”.

No award-winning photos

There are few group photos that win a prize, but you still want them. Detail photos aren’t going to win any prizes either, but if you take them well, they can tell a lot about your wedding day.

In short: having two photographers ensures that your complete story is documented. Not only photos of the bride or groom, but also photos of all those sweet people who have been involved in your wedding day and are now happily experiencing your day.

detailfoto's tijdens bruiloft door twee fotografen

The difference between a duo and a photographer plus second shooter

There are many wedding photographers who bring an assistant or second shooter. An assistant goes along to, for example, park a car, keep an eye on bags or hold the bouquet during the wedding shoot. A second shooter is often an assistant who photographs along with you. So a photographer who does not necessarily shoot weddings himself, but gives the first wedding photographer more room for creativity. For example, it may be that both start with the bride and then proceed to the groom.

So two full-fledged wedding photographers

Keep in mind that not all second shooters can or want to take responsibility for an essential part of your reportage. At the same time, there are some very good second shooters. However, we are, in our case, both full time photographers. We both photograph separate weddings, although we prefer to work together for the reasons above. So when arranging your duo wedding photography, make sure you have two photographers who can work independently.