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Wedding on a boat in Amsterdam | Eli & Tijl

Amsterdam Wedding ET 004

So what do you get when you combine the exquisite taste and ideas of two creative people? Yes,… one really colorful wedding. It’s amazing how these two lovely people managed to make “lemonade out of lemons” because they not only had to deal with Corona…. they had some rain too!

Amsterdam Wedding ET 007

I love all those little colorful details… Their apartment, the flowers, the carpet, even the umbrella. Color galore! And that cat…. so cute.

Amsterdam Wedding ET 001 Amsterdam Wedding ET 008

Tijl helped his bride into her wedding dress. We see this more and more and I kinda hope this might be a new tradition.

Amsterdam Wedding ET 003 Amsterdam Wedding ET 009

Don’t you just love her flower wraith and her nails? Again: so much color. Ahhh, and that wedding dress!

Amsterdam Wedding ET 011 Amsterdam Wedding ET 012

The first look, inside. We normally aren’t too keen on inside first looks, but this apartment is so light and colorful and tidy… perfect! And the extra special thing is that Tijl helped his lovely bride into her dress, but had a first look himself, because he got dressed upstairs. I love all those quirky little moments that make tiny weddings so different. And look at their guests: they are totally into this moment as well!

Amsterdam Wedding ET 013 Amsterdam Wedding ET 014 Amsterdam Wedding ET 015

So yes… it was raining. But this couple didn’t really care. They had some umbrellas, had a walk and enjoyed their time. Eli was wearing comfortable shoes, so she could walk lengthy distances too. Extra tip ; )

Amsterdam Wedding ET 018 Amsterdam Wedding ET 019 Amsterdam Wedding ET 020

I love that little Eli & Tijl sign!

So they walked from their appartment to the place where they would get on the boat. Their Amsterdam wedding on a boat was about to start!

Amsterdam Wedding ET 021 Overview of a wedding on a boat in Amsterdam.

Isn’t there a better way to see Amsterdam than by boat? Eli and Tijl had a Dutch Salon boat. Social distancing was arranged, people enjoyed their time together and after a while, the boat stopped and picked up the wedding officiant. There was a laptop with Zoom and this was a nice alternative for those that couldn’t be here, due to Corona.

With flowers, petals and a lot of light they managed to make this a really happy setting for a wedding. It’s so clever how this intimate space of a boat made their wedding ceremony extra special, don’t you think?

Seeing family and friends via Zoom during a wedding. Amsterdam Wedding ET 024

Yup: a lot of happy tears during the ceremony.

Amsterdam Wedding ET 025 Amsterdam Wedding ET 026 Bride and groom say I do on a boat in Amsterdam during Corona.

This might be one of my favorite photos: Ramon captured a lot in one image… the overall setting, the couple, the flowers, love!

Wedding on a boat in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Wedding ET 029

First bitterbal for some guests ;) It’s always funny to see how food, that is totally normal to Dutch people, is very exotic to others. For those who don’t know: a bitterbal is kinda hard to describe. Come to Holland and have a taste yourself.

Amsterdam Wedding ET 030

When the boat ride was over, the guests picked up the flower arrangements and brought them to Tijl and Eli’s apartment. They stayed for a tiny afterparty with wedding cake, stars and a glass of bubbles. It kept on raining, but no one really cared. As it should be.

Last Minute Wedding

And it’s so funny… we had a conversation with them, 5 days before their wedding. Their initial wedding planner introduced us to them because they had to rearrange everything for a Corona style wedding,… so they booked us less than a week before they got married. I think this is an absolute record. And I have to say: we are so happy that they booked us! Ramon has taken their photos and I get to work on their wedding album. I can’t wait to see what color their album cover will be ;)

Amsterdam Wedding ET 031 Amsterdam Wedding ET 033 Amsterdam Wedding ET 034
Favorite Vendors for this Wedding on a Boat

Flowers: AP Bloem 
Classic Boat Company: Libelle
Juweler: Bonebakker
Wedding Cake: Studio Happy Story
Wedding Nails: @lauleefromtheblock