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Wedding Natuurlijk Kloof

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What a wonderful wedding day at Natuurlijk Kloof . A wedding venue where you can get married in the middle of nature. And so we got to capture this wedding day there. Beautifully styled, nice company, beautiful weather, a great day!

We started in the morning at the bride’s home. I got to photograph her details, the moments she had with the ladies present and the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Ramon was with the groom to capture his preparations.

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When you have children, they experience the wedding day very consciously. So much fun!

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The first look was going to take place in a beautiful piece of nature. Ramon, together with the videographer and the groom, had already picked a nice spot and then it was waiting for the first look.

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This is where C&E see each other. A first look is always so romantic! And often a moment you really need to take some time for. Then when you also schedule the photo shoot you will have a nice resting moment during the day. So is this photo shoot.

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Photo shoot at Natuurlijk Kloof

After the photo shoot, we drove to Natuurlijk Kloof for the photo shoot. Here were their sons in advance so they could help dress them. After the boys were also all neat and tidy in their clothes, we continued the photo shoot at Natuurlijk Kloof.

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Wedding ceremony at Natuurlijk Kloof in Bergen op Zoom.

The ceremony site was completely styled by Enjoy Pure Styling. What a lovely atmosphere like this!

Children play in the playground at Natuurlijk Kloof.
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Bride stands with her father waiting before the wedding ceremony begins.
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Ceremony setting at Natuurlijk Kloof.

Getting Married at Natuurlijk Kloof.

The wedding ceremony could take place outside. What a fun location this is! You can get married in many different places and C&E chose this particular spot. The ceremony was done by “Bald Babs,” a babs we had experienced many times before. His approach is very spontaneous and therefore extra fun.

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The indicating of the rings was, of course, done by the sons. The oldest did not know how fast to run to his mom and dad!

And afterwards the boys got a bubble blow gun!

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The early afternoon was filled with congratulations, hugs, conversations and delicious sneers from Tikkie Zoet.

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And you almost wouldn’t expect it, but there was a giant downpour for about 10 minutes. I have to admit that I always find this quite atmospheric: all the guests huddle together under the tent, it cools down a bit, and if you’re lucky it’s bright weather again afterwards.

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Dinner also took place at Natuurlijk Kloof. The bridal couple and a small group of guests were able to enjoy a delicious barbecue. Since by now the weather was nice, dinner could simply be held outside.

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During dinner, the company was able to enjoy a few personal speeches. Meanwhile, we took pictures of these moments, the dishes and the atmosphere. And once there was actual eating, we took a short break.

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We stayed until just after the first dance. A wonderful ending to a wonderful wedding day!

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Addresses of this bride and groom:

Videographer: Carola Vos
Styling: Enjoy Pure Styling
Flowers: Naturally Cool
Rings: ArtObject
MUAH: Salon Hair and Der
Sweet Table: Tick Sweet
Live Music: With Fenna (during the wedding ceremony)
Wedding dress: Look of Love Bridal Boutique
Location: Of course! Kloof
Suit Groom: Henri’s Fashion