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Botanical wedding Meelfabriek Zijlstroom Leiderdorp | Jack & Lynn


Oh Jack and Lynn, when you told us you were running a cheese farm, we were already sold. I even saved the stamps that have a block of cheese on them for your mail. And although there was little cheese to be seen during the wedding day, we were totally fans of your awesome wedding day. And so we now name some things that were totally awesome.

Getting married in the greenhouse at Zijlstroom in Leiden, what a fun idea! And what an atmospheric place like this.
The styling of Oh Happy Day (gorgeous again, Kristel!), those candles everywhere and that glass and those flowers and that back-drop, and and and.
The Hortus Botanicus as an indoor photo location. And if you’re lucky (as we were that day), you’ll be able to take beautiful photos outside as well. Not to mention the cowshed and farm.
Two mega smiles all day. Such people in love!
The food was great. That lunch at Zijlstroom, wow.
The botanical atmosphere was very nice, reflected in the photo location, ceremony site and cake table.
And then that gorgeous lace wedding dress by Lynn (swoon).

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Styling: Oh Happy Day
Flowers: Fiori & Siem van Wieringen
Wedding car: De Blauwe Kever
Church: Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Geboortekerk
Wedding Location: Zijlstroom