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Wedding Location Akkerzicht Bladel

bride and dog on wedding day

Alright. Just a little monument. Because this was another intimate wedding day….. lovely! We already knew Lindsay and Mark, because a few years earlier we were allowed to capture the wedding of her brother and sister-in-law. Not much later another family member got married and yes, we got to be there too.

But… finally it was time: Lindsay and Mark were getting married themselves, they got married at wedding venue Akkerzicht and their son Owen was a big part of the day. As they themselves stated, a trinity, a beautiful complete family with people who love each other immensely. And it showed! The symbol of this day? The triangle.

untitled 6
untitled 9
untitled 3

It was September and so nature was still wonderfully green. Ramon and I both made great use of beautiful flowers and natural light. And how beautifully everything was coordinated, wow.

untitled 13
untitled 11
untitled 15

The moment when the dress went on was also so nice. Lindsay was helped by her mother. Her sister-in-law was also present. Again, this moment was so intense and personal. A privilege to be there.

Bride with her mother while getting dressed. Emotional photo.

Wedding lunch at the Opwettense Watermolen in Nuenen, The Netherlands.

Meanwhile, Mark had already gone to the lunch location with his father-in-law and son. Lindsay and Mark wanted to enjoy a fine lunch at the Opwetten Watermill. A location where you can have a great lunch, spend a lot of time outdoors and thus have a good time.
After waiting a while, Lindsay arrived and it was time for the first look. That look from Mark!

Mini shoot in between

We also did a mini shoot here. First a few photos of the bride and groom, but also a few single photos of the day guests. No matter how you slice it, of course, it’s still Corona time. So people neatly at a distance. And so after that, a little lunch.

untitled 19
untitled 21
untitled 23
untitled 24
untitled 25
untitled 32
Overview pictures of Opwettense Watermolen
Bridal couple leaves from the winding water mill in an oldtimer
untitled 38

Wedding Location Akkerzicht

The next step? Everyone in the car for the wedding location Akkerzicht in Bladel. What a gem to photograph again: a location with a large open lawn, a fire pit, a beautiful little canopy and a greenhouse. That greenhouse was too small for the company, but what an incredibly cool barn there was on the land! Wonderfully rustic, a bit vintage and above all super atmospheric. A wedding venue that has made it onto my favorites list. By the way, a personal recommendation: the owners are also so sweet… Some people really have hospitality in their blood.

untitled 48
untitled 41
Bridal couple having a cup of tea in the greenhouse of Akkerzicht in Bladel.

Mark and Lindsay had set up the wedding day generously in terms of times, so there was also some time to enjoy a cup of tea together in the greenhouse.

Overview of Akkerzicht wedding venue, lawn with large barn.
untitled 58

We made grateful use of this wonderful location and thus took plenty of overviews, details and mood pictures ;)

panoramic view of field in bladel
untitled 54

Ah and then this moment…. Lindsay asked a friend to be a flower girl. Most had thanked, but not Ben: he went all in!

untitled 68
untitled 72

And the ceremony was also a wonderful moment. There was laughter, there was crying, there was comfort and there were intimate moments. This was rightfully a highlight of the day. The connection these two people have with each other and with their guests is very special.

untitled 75
the wedding barn of wedding location akkerzicht

Yes and then so cake and toast! A lovely table had been prepared with fine bubbles, a wedding cake and more small snacks. Once again, a joy to watch (and enjoy a bit, of course).

untitled 76

The cake was cut, people could enjoy fine live music and pretty soon the company was walking towards the dinner place. This too could take place at Wedding Venue Akkerzicht.

untitled 81
delicious dining in bladel
untitled 88

Brabant style

After some spirited speeches (Lindsay was absolutely not spared) and the moment we had pretty much captured dessert, the day was over for us. Dinner ran quite late, but that’s really not so surprising on such a relaxed, fine, enjoyable day. I hope we get to capture many more weddings like this. Where the hospitality of Brabant comes to show, people enjoy talking to each other and you just feel completely welcome. Mark and Lindsay (and family), thank you โค๏ธ!

beautiful canopy for outdoor dinner at wedding in the south of the Netherlands
untitled 92 1

Wedding tips and inspiration from Lindsay & Mark

Floral work: ‘t Schuurke in Nuenen
Wedding Location: Akkerzicht Bladel
Music/Singers: Kelly van de Elzen
Hair and make-up: Elyse Smeters (Knapsels)
Suit of Mark: Rietbergh
Dress of Lindsay: Bruidshoek
Dinner: De Keuken van Elise
Friandises and cakes: Pastry Club
Wedding cards, name cards and thank you notes: Renee Geeft Vorm
Wedding Rings: Goldsmith Karin van Deursen
Photography: Wedding photographer in North Brabant : )