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Wedding in Autumn or Winter | 6 Tips

Could you use some focused inspiration for fall or spring? Below is a collection of all our ideas and inspiration.

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In recent years we have had the opportunity to photograph more than 450 weddings. You can read the tips and ideas we collected below. And do you want to see more wedding photos?

Trouwfotograaf fotografeert tijdens herfstbruiloft tussen de varens.

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Winter styling or rather autumn?

The cutest decorations for your fall wedding? Or any good styling ideas for the winter? There are so many applicable styling options! Think of autumn leaves, candles, tree trunks and more robust materials. A lot is possible, especially if you start working on it yourself. We photographed a styled shoot with the Christmas wedding theme before, so be sure to check that out as well.

Stylish wedding location in autumn or winter

If I may give you a top three of wedding locations that are extra beautiful when you get married in the fall or winter, then these are the three (autumn) wedding locations. They are hugely atmospheric, have multiple options for indoor and outdoor weddings and they are surrounded by trees. We have been to these locations several times in October, November and December.

Photoshoot in the woods? The possibility to get married inside and outside? Rhederoord offers many possibilities.

Dinner by the fire and a stately and atmospheric castle? Wijenburg has been a favourite of many bridal couples for years.

Enjoying the wooded surroundings and a beautifully landscaped garden? Beautiful old trees, atmosphere and Brabant cosiness.

One tip that I would like to give you anyway, when you get married in autumn or winter, is to look for a location where the interior is very light. The advantage here is also that you have more connection with outside. Windows let a lot of light through, but also allow you to enjoy all the autumn colours outside.

Extra tip: choose a location with a fireplace. Especially with a small group it is sometimes possible to dine by the fireplace. We did this ourselves when we got married.

Warm clothes for the photo shoot

Autumn has beautiful colors and therefore many couples use them for their wedding photos. Be sure to use props as well: it’s not weird at all to take shelter under an umbrella or a warm cloth. Super romantic! And keep each other warm too ;) You could also bring a nice jacket in a color that matches the surroundings of the photo shoot. That jacket will remind you of this fun moment for years to come.

Getting married in the winter? Then you can assume the leaves are off the trees. The advantage is that you have extra light, also in the forest. Be prepared for mud, so bring boots if necessary.

Extra tip: Take a blanket with you for in between photos.

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hedwig henkreijer 13
Vintage Winter Styled Shoot 0511
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Styled winter kerst shoot 034

Indoor photo shoot when it's cold

Also, think carefully about a very good indoor location for the photo shoot. Should it rain or snow, you can go straight inside for the photos and this will not be a stressful moment.

Or just alternate your outdoor photos with indoor photos, for example at your wedding venue. Often this location is beautiful on its own and you can take some wedding photos there just fine.

Wedding tip: divide your photo shoot into several moments during the day. For example a short moment in the morning, a short moment during a drink (around the moment the sun goes down) and possibly also a few minutes just before the party starts. This way the shoot remains short, you have a lot of variation and if a moment is cancelled due to rain, you are flexible. That way, the chances of a successful photo shoot are greatest.

Bridal couple takes photo indoors during autumn

picture of a couple getting married in autumn or winter when it is cold with candles

Are you getting married in the fall or winter?

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Communication: wedding dresses in winter

A distinct advantage of a winter wedding in November, January or February? It’s not that hot! This can also be a disadvantage, because you have to take into account the outdoor clothing. If you would like guests to wear a specific color, be timely in giving hints. You can do that through the wedding card, but you can also give your closest guests tips. If you have a dress code, be on time with your communication. That way, your guests still have time to change their outfits.

Extra Tip: if you want to take a walk with the guests outside, please communicate this as well. Especially in connection with any heels and/or delicate shoes.

Dresscode ‘s website has many more helpful clothing tips for fall and winter.

cozy outside on the photo with cold and christmas atmosphere

Warm mittens and a winter scarf

Six benefits of a fall or winter wedding


Many suppliers are available and so you have a lot of choice.


Romantic setting inside and outside, cosiness everywhere.


Beautiful photos through autumn and winter colors.


It is not so hot and therefore you're comfortable in your clothes.


Magically soft light makes for an extra beautiful photo shoot.


You're pretty much guaranteed to know where you stand in terms of weather.

More examples of autumn and winter weddings

Click on the photos below to see more weddings that took place in the off season.

Our working method for your wedding day

Our working method is spontaneous: you experience your day and we take pictures of it as unobtrusively as possible. With 1 or 2 full time photographers. We want you to look at the wedding photos and think back to all those wonderful moments.  

And if you want group photos or a photo shoot, we will of course give you tips so that you can also enjoy these moments. We have photographed 500 weddings, so we have plenty of tips.

We have extensive (online) contact beforehand. First via an (online) introductory meeting and later via e-mail and a questionnaire. 

This way we prepare ourselves for your wedding day, so we can blend in as much as possible with the guests. 

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Getting married in the fall or winter?

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