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Goed van Gothem – Caroline & Robin

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Wedding in Flanders

We go there maybe once or twice a year: Flanders. Usually near the Dutch town of Roermond, where we have a fine hotel (hooray for mothers-in-law!). And this wedding had been planned for a while. Actually, it was going to be a fall wedding, but the couple decided to move their chic vintage bohemian party to April 2022. And how happy we were that they did so and got married at the Goed van Gothem!

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Bride is made up by make-up artist.
Bride poses with her bridesmaids in matching attire.
Mother of the bride holds veil.

Because seriously: how beautiful was this day? In fact, I can’t quite imagine what this spring-like day would have looked like in an autumn setting. Probably beautiful too, but just a little less sunny and radiant and colorful, I think.

Groom helps his father prepare for the wedding.
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Trouw Goed van Gothem 011
Trouw Goed van Gothem 015
First look with bridesmaids.

Caroline had a first look not only with her dad and brother, but also with her bridesmaids. How super cool! Look at that reaction…

Trouw Goed van Gothem 017
Trouw Goed van Gothem 016
Trouw Goed van Gothem 018
Trouw Goed van Gothem 019
Trouw Goed van Gothem 020

Around this time, approximately, the first look took place. Robin arrived with the car, walked to the back and got ready. Then Caroline, walking out, taking it all in well what a fine moment.

Trouw Goed van Gothem 021
Trouw Goed van Gothem 022
Trouw Goed van Gothem 023
Bridesmaids in shades of pink.

We quickly took a few photos in the backyard. A few photos of the couple, a few of those beautiful bridesmaids and, of course, the family. After this? Off to the wedding venue for a nice lunch and not much later on the road for the photo shoot.

Trouw Goed van Gothem 026
Trouw Goed van Gothem 027
Bridal couple with their own dog during the photo shoot.
Trouw Goed van Gothem 032
Trouw Goed van Gothem 033

Photo shoot in between the blossom

How lucky are you when you can then also have your picture taken among the blossoms? We hiked up a hill to the top. Admittedly, it was quite warm for a while ; ) But then we were able to rest. Their dog Odin, of course, was also photographed extensively. We heard that last time he didn’t feel like walking up because it was way too hot then. Fortunately, this time he was good to go!

Trouw Goed van Gothem 030
Trouw Goed van Gothem 034
Trouw Goed van Gothem 036
Bridal couple with beautiful landscape in Belgium.
Trouw Goed van Gothem 043
Bride and groom among the blossoms in an orchard.
Trouw Goed van Gothem 040

We found an orchard with many more blossoms. And we took advantage of this as well. So nice how you can make totally different images from a few hundred yards away from each other.

Trouw Goed van Gothem 042
Bridal couple with blossoms in April.
Trouw Goed van Gothem 044
Trouw Goed van Gothem 045
Trouw Goed van Gothem 046

Getting married at Good of Gothem

What. a. location! Did you guys already know this place? So in Heers there is a beautiful farmstead. Totally complete with beautiful garden, beautiful older beams, crooked floors of authentic keep, old stones and then that farmyard, in the middle…. Truly a gem in Belgium!

Our work is and remains so much fun because every day is different. The party is different, the weather varies, but also discovering beautiful places like this makes each wedding day completely different. Robin and Caroline also had beautiful styling, which I initially thought they had done….

Caroline says: “I did everything myself with some help from friends and family (secretly proud that it looked like we had it done by someone else). From arranging the whole wedding to making all the decorations. All the frames, table numbers, welcome board, mirror with the table layout, designing the invitations, the thank yous (the lavender bags was a wedding gift from my aunt who lives in the south of France).

Also, our “wedding arch/triangle” my father-in-law was able to recreate from a photo and then we hung flowers from Mondeoflowers on it. We had even brought the rugs from our patio to put under our wedding bench. It was a lot of work but I am very happy that it all worked out. Also at the venue, the people from the Good of Gothem helped tremendously to get everything ready and to complement their collection of dried flowers in the room.”

Trouw Goed van Gothem 047
Getting married at Goed van Gothem in Flanders.
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Trouw Goed van Gothem 049
Trouw Goed van Gothem 052
Trouw Goed van Gothem 050
Trouw Goed van Gothem 054
Trouw Goed van Gothem 053
Trouw Goed van Gothem 055
Trouw Goed van Gothem 056
Interior garden of Goed van Gothem.
Trouw Goed van Gothem 057
Dancing in the courtyard garden of the square farm.
Trouw Goed van Gothem 062

Selfie time! Then a little dance and hop to the table.

Trouw Goed van Gothem 060
Dining at Goed van Gothem.
Trouw Goed van Gothem 065

Dinner was at the table. The guests (and us this time!) were able to enjoy a particularly fine dinner. A number of speeches took place and before we knew it, dinner was over and additional guests came in for the evening party.

See-through at a dinner at a wedding.
Trouw Goed van Gothem 068
Photo shoot with setting sun.

We did a mini evening shoot of no more than ten minutes, so that we could take a few images just with that fine evening light.

Trouw Goed van Gothem 070
Trouw Goed van Gothem 072

First dance at the Goed van Gothem

Look at that room… instant atmosphere right? Robin and Caroline had a first dance. Then there was more dancing and then the party really started. We made another little impression of the party and voila: a full day of photography had come to an end.

Trouw Goed van Gothem 073
Trouw Goed van Gothem 074
Trouw Goed van Gothem 075
Trouw Goed van Gothem 076

Review by Caroline & Robin

First of all, we are extremely happy that you as the original duo “Mon and Mine” could be on our wedding day. (H. because of the shift of the wedding, we could shoot together instead of using a separate second shooter). From the first minute you came in, it felt familiar. You brought a sense of calm that was very welcome on this busy day.

Het was wat wennen in het begin omdat je plots camera’s op je gericht hebt, maar dat gevoel ging al heel snel weg. Jullie stelden ons op ons gemak en we konden ontspannen en onszelf zijn (Odin maakte het ook gemakkelijker om sneller spontaan te lachen ๐Ÿ˜„). Het was ook een geruststelling jullie erbij te hebben. Zoveel ervaring in het trouwgebeuren terwijl het voor ons heel nieuw was. Dan was het leuk om af en toe een tip te krijgen of een geruststellende blik dat alles goed verloopt.

Also the moment you came to ask for the mini evening shoot. That really came at the perfect time. A moment of peace with the 2 of us, a very intimate moment that we genuinely enjoyed immensely.

When looking at all the photos, the emotions come right back. All those little things, a tear and a smile here and there, warm hugs, great conversations, go by so quickly on the day itself that you don’t think about it. But you have captured all those moments beautifully.

The essence of the day can really be felt in the photos, emotions and love!

We are so grateful that we can now truly relive these moments again and intensely thanks to your photos! Thank you sincerely!

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Addresses of Caroline & Robin

  • Location: Goed van Gothem, Heers
  • Printing: Festikaart
  • Hair and MU: Laura Scheffers & Team
  • Wedding Dress Brand: Made With Love Bridal
  • Wedding dress Shop: Rebel at Heart
  • Wedding suit: Boyen Tailors Genk
  • Flowers: Mondeoflowers
  • Master of Ceremonies: Danny Vandersmissen
  • Live Music: Fleur Brusselmans (former colleague of Robin & Caroline)
  • DJ: Bert Anthonissen
  • Wedding Earrings: Maison Sabben
  • Wedding Official: Tine De Donder
  • Photobooth: Weddingbooth