Two Wedding Photographers

The question that we get the most often is what the advantage is of having two wedding photographers. Because of this, we’ve decided to answer this in a bit more detail.

We always photograph weddings with the photographers. Often we each start at a different location in the morning, usually Hermine goes to the bride and Ramon to the groom. The rest of the day we try to get two different perspectives on your wedding. For example during the first-look, the photoshoot – when we try to capture those natural moments without posing but also during the ceremony and the rest of the day.

duo bruidsfotografie zorgt voor foto's bij bruidegom en bruid
Preparations of the bride & groom: Hermine photographs the bride, while Ramon photographs the groom.

Getting ready

Beneath we’ll share a few examples where of the same moment we’ve made two entirely different photographs. For example, in the morning Hermine will photograph the bride getting her make-up and hair done, shoot all the details and other moments, while Ramon is at the groom capturing his moments and details. Often the groom doesn’t have too much work getting ready, but nevertheless there are important moments, like when hanging out with groomsmen our being with parents.
bruiloft gefotografeerd vanuit twee standpunten door twee fotografen
The First Look moment: Hermine is upstairs with the bride, while Ramon is downstairs capturing the groom arriving.

The wedding ceremony

When you’re together we’ll photograph your day in a structured way. At the wedding ceremony one of us will shoot the “must-have moments” like the exchanging of the rings, the kiss, signing of the register, etc. while the other person will focus on other important moments that are happening, like when one of your parents is crying or a little bridesmaid is bored. Our goal is to make a set of images that is complete, not only focussing on you, but on your guests as well.

Trouwen in het Bos TB D 073
The wedding ceremony: One of us photographs the ‘must-haves’, while the other captures other creative or emotional moments.

Storytelling wedding photography

Together we capture all of the emotions during unexpected moments. There’s a good chance that someone gets emotional when you don’t expect it, or a family member gives a speech during dinner or when you have a moment to yourself in the morning with one of your best friends. We believe that we can make the best photos when we become part of the day and capture those unexpected moments when you’re enjoying each other and your guests.

Bruiloft Japanse Stijl SR 044
Two perspectives during the reception. We're able to capture more small "stories".
In summary: having two photographs will make sure both of your stories will get captured. Not only pictures of the bride or groom, but also of your lovely guests that are equally as important.