Are you getting married in 2024 or 2025 and want to know if the date is still available?

The story behind the wedding photo: just married!


Getting married near the beach

Kim and Rob, oh how I love these two. She is wearing this stunning Yolancris wedding dress and he is truly himself: casual trousers, suspenders and sunglasses. They just got married and walk from the ceremonial space towards the end of the isle at Sunset Lounge, Roermond. You can see confetti flying all over the place, you can even see a flying confetti cone. The flower girl is visible as well, but everything revolves around these two: Kim & Rob. In the background you can see the dark skies that left a huge amount of water, earlier that day. The even had to postpone the ceremony, because of the wind and rain.

I think some of the guests have wet spots, because of the rainy chairs, but no one cares. All they think about is the happiness of these two. And so it should be. We especially love that genuine smile of Kim. If you want to see more of their lovely Dutch wedding, click the link.