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Spontaneous wedding photography | informal photographs

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Relaxed photoshoot

You may not know quite what your day will look like, but 1 thing is certain: you want spontaneous wedding photos. You may have heard from friends or family that the photo shoot was quite awkward. You’re not really used to having your picture taken yourself, and your betrothed certainly isn’t. And you actually find that you always look bad in photos. Something to dread, that photo shoot, or is it?

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What exactly does spontaneous mean?

Simple answer? Well that you don’t look too awkward in the photograph. That you still recognize yourself in the photo. And that you don’t create those cliché moments like “peekaboo from behind the tree” and “oops the wedding car doesn’t work anymore.” We like to take pictures that really fit how you normally are as well. Okay, a tiny bit more romantic maybe, but your wedding day is pretty romantic too right?

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Not posed, real and spontaneous photographs

But spontaneous can be understood in many ways. For example, your complete wedding coverage should be done in a journalistic way. We wrote about this in detail earlier. For example, you can choose to have the photographer work entirely in the background and not stage anything.

In fact, we always want to make the photo shoot as casual as possible. For example, something unexpected happens and it is precisely that what we photograph. For example, that moment when you think no pictures will be taken, or that moment when your lover lifts you up to step over a fence. Or an unexpected hug or kiss. In short: moments not created by your photographer. Moments that came from within yourself. And that you might not have even thought of beforehand. Real and honest photo moments.

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Enjoyment during your photo shoot

We often hear back that the photo shoot is truly a nice moment for the bride and groom. A moment where you get away from the guests (if you have the shoot later in the day) and you can chat together for a while. Where you can admire each other really well for a moment. Just stand at a distance from each other and take a really good look. And maybe just take in the moment for a bit. So a kind of mindful moment.

And somewhere in the background, two photographers are circling around who then take pictures of you. Our idea: just talk to each other. Smile at each other, talk about what you like about this day. And look into the camera as little as possible. Then you quickly forget that you are being photographed. And if we want something from you, we will really ask for it.

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Tips for taking spontaneous photos

  1. Above all, take plenty of time for the photo shoot. That way you have a little more time to quietly enjoy this moment. By ample time, we mean at least 60 to 90 minutes of photo time.
  2. Ask your photographer to keep an eye on the time and give you a few updates on exactly what time it is.
  3. Preferably pick 1 very good photo shoot location. A location where you have shaded areas and open areas, with, for example, both nature and a beautiful old wall. The fewer different locations, the less you have to stress about traveling back and forth. The result is a series of spontaneous wedding photos.
  4. And while you’re looking for a location,… is it perhaps possible to have your photo taken right at the wedding venue? For example, because it’s an estate with a nice park or some beautiful trees?
  5. Bring as few people as possible with you during the shoot. That way you can focus on each other.
  6. If possible, just leave your bridal bouquet at the wedding venue. Then you have less to lug around.
  7. Your dress will get dirty. Now that you know this, you also don’t have to worry anymore, right? We personally prefer to work without plastic bags and blankets under the dress, as this takes a lot of time and feels contrived.
  8. Just keep chatting. We take so many photos that those open mouths are easily avoided on that “one perfect wedding photo”.
  9. If you really have no idea what works in terms of poses, ask your photographer for tips. Or try some in front of the mirror at home. No one watching but you and your lover. And in general, if a pose feels really goofy, it will quickly look goofy too. So if you want some great poses, check with yourself what works for you. In any case, we are happy to help. Little things like “try to stand as close together as possible” and “leave as few limbs hanging as possible” already work very well.
  10. And as a final tip: don’t ask your photographer too much if you can already see a few images. Are you really worried about it: ask at the beginning of the shoot if you can see 1 nice picture, but then let it go. The more relaxed you feel, the better the photos will be. And it’s a collaboration between you, your soon-to-be and your photographer (or photographers).

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More reading tips

Are you still wondering when is the best time to schedule your photo shoot? We wrote a blog post about this very thing,“when do you schedule your photo shoot?” And we also created a blog post on exactly how to find a great photo location for your wedding. So be sure to read on. And be sure to let us know if you have any tips of your own for spontaneous wedding photos. In any case, our approach is as relaxed as possible.

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