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We are happy to show you what couples say about our work. Because these wedding photography reviews are all written by couples that we have photographed in the past years. And we are grateful for their experiences with Mon et Mine.

“The essence of the day can really be felt in the photos, emotions and love!”
When looking at all the photos, the emotions come right back. All those little things, a tear and a smile here and there, warm hugs, great conversations, go by so quickly on the day itself that you don’t think about it. But you have captured all those moments beautifully. – Caroline & Robin
Trouw Goed van Gothem 039
Trouw Goed van Gothem 048
Trouw Goed van Gothem 054
Trouw Goed van Gothem 046
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 050
“You were so pleasantly present and shot the photos at exactly the right moments.”

The photos turned out so incredibly beautiful. I just watched everything and am so touched! I wanted to feel the same when looking at the photos as I felt during the day, this was completely successful. You were so pleasantly present and shot the photos at exactly the right moments. All the emotions, it gets me right in the heart.

– Ariane & Kevin

“Wow, this beautiful moment was captured in a photo, and I didn’t see Hermine or Ramon at all.”

Neither I, nor my parents, nor the family could keep it dry while receiving and looking at the pictures. The quick answers, the good service, the beautiful quality of the photos, your sweet personality … All these things made our day even more beautiful!

A big Belgian hug!

– Toon-Bert & Dorien

Trouwen in het Bos TB D 095
Trouwen in het Bos TB D 087
Trouwen in het Bos TB D 086
Trouwen in het Bos TB D 079
“We are very happy that we chose to invest in precisely these permanent images, rather than temporary items during the wedding.”

We got married in corona time, with only 15 guests. Two photographers therefore seemed a bit excessive, but we are so happy with the choice! As a result, we have a lot of extra moments on camera. We got a lot of pictures, but because they are all good, we went through them very fast. Our expectations have been exceeded.

– Charlotte

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Bruiloft Paviljoen Puur Amsterdam 028 1
Bruiloft Paviljoen Puur Amsterdam 017
Bruiloft Paviljoen Puur Amsterdam 031
Bruiloft Paviljoen Puur Amsterdam 044
“Because they have small children of their own, they also know exactly how to capture the fun moments with children.”

During our ceremony, outside in the grass at Paviljoen Puur, we didn’t really notice Hermine and Ramon. Completely unseen they went about their business, while – as it turned out afterwards – they have a picture of every beautiful moment! The smile of grandma, the tears of the best man and the bride. Very precious to have.

– Nicole & Daniel

“I would therefore highly recommend Mon et Mine and their friendly and respectful way of working.”

Fortunately, besides our own memories, there are also the beautiful pictures of Ramon to enjoy. During the day we hardly noticed his presence, but he managed to capture a lot of loving moments in his photos.

– Letty & Jim

Achtertuin Bruiloft LJ 016
Achtertuin Bruiloft LJ 022
Achtertuin Bruiloft LJ 007
Achtertuin Bruiloft LJ 044
Bruiloft Landgoed het Roode Koper 018

“A thousand thanks for translating our wishes exactly as we had in mind.”

We’re speechless…. Our album is so beautiful! Above expectations and the expectation was already very high :-)

We love it and will proudly show the album to all our guests.

– Loes & Hidde

“And enjoying it becomes even more fun when it is accompanied by a beautiful photo book. It turned out so beautiful!

Fortunately, besides our own memories, there are also the beautiful pictures of Ramon to enjoy. During the day we hardly noticed his presence, but he managed to capture a lot of loving moments in his photos.

– Jack & Lynn

Bruiloft Meelfabriek Zijlstroom Leiden 011
“Ramon & Hermine are very relaxed and pleasant to deal with and immediately created a very relaxed atmosphere during the photo shoot.”

We received our photos super fast and the beautiful album followed smoothly. We’ve been told many times that people have never seen such beautiful wedding photos and we are very happy with them!

– Annemarie & Jitze

Bruiloft Huis de Voorst Eefde 019
Bruiloft Huis de Voorst Eefde 026
Bruiloft Huis de Voorst Eefde 009
Bruiloft Huis de Voorst Eefde 025
Bruiloft Hotel Winselerhof 031 3
Bruiloft Hotel Winselerhof 005
Bruiloft Hotel Winselerhof 027
Bruiloft Hotel Winselerhof 012
“I just can’t imagine not having these beautiful photos, they are a lasting reminder of a wonderful day.”

The photo shoot Bert and I did between lunch and the ceremony with the two of us was blissful. Because Mon and Mine had such a good idea of what photos they wanted, Bert and I were able to just enjoy ourselves and talk and cuddle with each other – something we didn’t have much time for the rest of the day.

– Liesbeth & Bert

“Super nice contact, flexible, helpful, invisible on the day and as a result awesome photos.”

What a great photography duo! Really if you are like us and find the photos a very important part of your day then you can’t ignore Hermine and Ramon. Super nice contact, felxibel, helpful, invisible on the day itself and as a result great pictures. Everything we expected from them based on their portfolio, they more than lived up to! Now 3 months later the photos still take us all the way back to the day itself and all the great memories and feelings resurface. I’d like marry again! ;)..

– Susanne & Thomas

Bruidsfotografie De Kas Amsterdam 016
De bruid wordt door haar moeder weggeven aan de bruidegom.
Het bruidspaar geeft elkaar een kus na het jawoord.
Het eerste moment waarop bruid en bruidegom elkaar in de achtertuin zien.
“The tears literally jumped into my eyes. (…) so pure, colorful, full of emotion and exactly how the day was.”

Ramon and Hermine have been with us from the very beginning and helped us so much with their tips and tricks, really nice that they thought along with us.

We were lucky enough to meet Ramon, Hermine and the cameras for a ‘Loveshoot’ a few months ago. Because of this we already got to know each other and on the wedding day we immediately felt at ease.

– Talitha & Joey

Bruiloft Hoorn Talitha Joey 023
Bruiloft Deining aan Zee Castricum 0181
“One tip for people who want to skimp on wedding photography: don’t. It’s worth the investment!”

Jeroen and I said to each other afterwards that it is a pity that we don’t have two photographers around us more often. The photo shoot you did of our wedding is one big gift. You have managed to capture the day in beautiful pictures.

– Marijke & Jeroen

Bruidsfotografie Spijkenisse Heenvliet Abbenbroek 025
Bruidsfotografie Spijkenisse Heenvliet Abbenbroek 021
Bruidsfotografie Spijkenisse Heenvliet Abbenbroek 013
Bruidsfotografie Spijkenisse Heenvliet Abbenbroek 015

“Often we didn’t even realize you were there, never did you ‘get in the way’ or were moments created.”

A year of preparations began. Regularly there was a very pleasant contact with Hermine, this contact was warm, personal and respectful. The conversation prior to the big day was just that. Both Hermine and Ramon are loving people with a great passion for photography that captures purity, warmth and love.

– Nicoline & Dennis