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What could be better than turning your hobby into your profession? This is what we thought in 2006, when we photographed our first wedding during our studies.

We are now many years later. We now have two daughters, are married ourselves and have had the pleasure of witnessing nearly 500 weddings. And every year we learn more: weddings never get boring!

This is us

Quiet, professional & creative

Our style

Colorful pictures

We ourselves are very much fans of color. And we like to let those colors reflect in our photos.

So expect especially bright colors, deep blacks and nice contrast. We think our photos should be timeless, without violent filters or effects.


During any group photos or a photo shoot with the two of you, we will of course give some pointers and tips.

The rest of the day is all about you and your guests and we are somewhere in the background to capture it all.

Real moments

We know from experience that photos with real moments are the most valuable.

Think of the moment when you see each other for the first time, how your guests enjoy during the drinks or how your parents are emotional during your ceremony.

We will be there to photograph all these special moments so you can enjoy endless memories of your wedding day.

trouwfotografie met bruidspaar en confetti

Photography coverage

Do you want wedding photos and don’t need a big album? Then choose individual hours of photography. You will get a mini-album anyway with the highlights of the day.

1 photographer
2 photographers

Photography coverage includes:

  • Photography by Hermine and/or Ramon
  • Online gallery to share photos
  • Mini album of 20x20cm with 16 pages
  • Number of photos: same as in the packages


Do you want a beautiful wedding shoot with a full album? Then choose one of our packages. This includes a 25x25cm album with enough pages to tell the whole story of the day.

Additional unloading hours – €150

1 or 2 Photographers

What is the difference?

Two see more than one. Not only during preparations, for example (where we are often in two places), but also during the ceremony.

And we know this is a bigger investment. Therefore, we agree together that one of us will focus on the must-haves, such as the kiss and rings, while the other can look for small moments from your guests.

With two photographers, you can also be more creative: while one stays near the action, the other can capture the atmosphere from a great distance.

When in doubt, we are happy to ask a few questions:

  1. More than 40 guests?
  2. Do you have children?
  3. Preparing in two locations?
  4. Pretty much miss a moment?

If you answer “yes” to several questions, a second photographer can add great value.

Still prefer one photographer? Then we would be happy to advise you on how to get as many moments in the photo as possible.

Trouwalbum 019
Trouwalbum 027

All those little things, a tear and a smile here and there, warm hugs, great conversations, go by so quickly on the day itself that you don't think about it. But you have captured all those moments beautifully.

What to expect.


We take a large number of photos on your day and then make our own final selection. The exact number of photos depends on the number of hours of photography and whether you want one or two photographers.

For an estimate of the number of photos, see the description accompanying the packages.


Our prices include VAT, travel expenses and travel time. The hours start when one of us starts photographing, for example at 10:00 in the morning.

In between travel? Those hours also fall under the agreed time, but the round trip is therefore at our expense. Just like parking.


We have made arrangements with several photographers in case one of us is ill on your wedding day.


You will receive the complete gallery within three to six weeks. A week later, you’ll also have the first album design in the mail.

And if you guys want, we’d be happy to do a little mini-review before then.


A few months before your wedding day, we send out a questionnaire with all the questions in it. The answers allow us to connect the dots on the “i”.

That way it will be completely your unique wedding report.


We have now photographed nearly 500 weddings and know well which moments are valuable.

Wedding photography is our specialty and we know that this day is not only about you, but definitely about your loved ones.

trouwfotograaf prijzen 004

Wedding album

A wedding album lets your memories live on. You grab it easily when you want to take a moment to go back to that special day. That’s why we lovingly create a beautiful wedding album for you. So that your, and our, photos come out even more beautiful.

Album upgrades

A wedding album shows your day as it was. A story with a beginning, middle and end. We will make an initial proposal for you and you can then give digital feedback on this. Our albums have standard silk gloss photo paper.

Please also especially pass on what you would like in terms of cover. Cloth, leather, your names on the front? Let it be known: that way it will be totally your wedding album.

Upgrade to 25x25cm wedding album – €400
Upgrade from 25x25cm to 30x30cm album –€200
Upgrade from 30x30cm to 35x35cm album – €200
Loose mini album (linen cover) – €150
Parent album 20x20cm (same layout) – €325
Per double page – €40

fine art trouwalbum 003
Trouwalbum omhoog gehouden door twee handen.
fine art trouwalbum 002

Fine-art Album

Do you like full matte paper better? This album differs from our standard albums in that the paper looks quieter. Therefore, no reflections can be seen.

Upgrade from Wedding album to Fine-art album – €250

Fine art Trouwalbum voorbeeld 009 1245x830 2
Trouwalbum 020

If you would like to have some beautiful photos prior to your wedding day, book a loveshoot.

Not only will you then have photos of the two of you that you can possibly use for the wedding card, but at the same time, you will also get used to “getting your picture taken” in advance.

A shoot takes about an hour, you get about 35 high-resolution photos and one of us as your photographer. Let’s discuss if the shoot is around Elburg or in your neighborhood (we will charge €0,35 per km plus any parking fees).

Loveshoot – €595


Relaxed photo session

trouwfotograaf prijzen 001 1
Loveshoot 2017 2 001 1245x830 1
Loveshoot Zandverstuiving 003