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Preparations of bride and groom

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Having your preparations photographed; most couples want us to do so. And thank goodness for that, because they are often such great photos! They are also often on those must-have lists and checklist. So we want to show you in this blog post what kind of photos you can expect to see during the preparations. We will also give tips, because you yourself also have a great influence on how the photos become.

Tip: Just by thinking about the exact location of the preparations, you will have an impact on your wedding photos. If you have several spaces to choose from, be sure to check out the light. Both the make-up artist(s) and we prefer to have as much natural light as possible.

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The preparations of bride and groom

You may not have expected it right away, but more and more photos are being taken of the groom’s preparations as well. This happened a little less in the past, as many couples chose 1 photographer. And if you have 1 photographer, this person has to travel back and forth between the bride and groom and that takes “idle” time. With having two wedding photographers becoming increasingly popular, it also makes sense to have photos at the groom’s home.

He often starts in “the home” while the bride is already at the wedding venue or in a hotel. It also happens that it is arranged exactly the other way around: groom with friends or a hotel and the bride in “the own house”. Anyway: the groom is usually ready much faster than the bride. And that makes perfect sense, since he doesn’t have to spend hours in makeup and has frequent and easy haircuts.

But then the long wait begins. The jacket is on, the tie is neat and tidy and now it will be a good hour before he can pick up the bride. So just one more cup of coffee, a quick chat with the others present, an extra check to make sure your tie is straight… We like to capture that tension. Waiting until the moment-supreme.

Tip: You won’t believe how often the groom forgets the bouquet before he leaves the house. So if you want to be 100% sure that this won’t take up any time on the day, have the bouquet delivered to your starting location ahead of time. Or hang a post-it on the door ; )

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Trouwen in het bos 004Bruiloft Amsterdam Industrieele groote club 010Bruiloft Hotel Winselerhof 003Bruidsfotografie Kasteel Oud Wassenaar 003Bruiloft Landgoed Luchtenburg 013Detail shots of your shoes, wedding rings, and so on

When we have ample time to photograph the preparations, we always spend time on the details as well. Because almost every bride and groom thinks very consciously about what clothes they want to wear, picks out beautiful wedding rings, has had a wedding card made and maybe even bought a special perfume for the day. So why not take nice pictures of that too?

Tip: We personally recommend having your photographer at least an hour and a half before the wedding dress goes on. That way, there will be plenty of time to capture some of the makeup and hair, leaving plenty of time to photograph your details.

Tip: If you would like to have a picture of the dress in a nice spot, remember that this is never completely without risk. See if there may be someone who can walk with your photographer for a moment to open doors or hold the dress while they find a spot.

Tip: Put all your details together in advance. Then your photographer can easily take pictures of it and you don’t have to “get out of makeup” every time to grab something. In this way, you can also be sure that there will be photos of all the details that you consider important.

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Preparations of your family members or friends and girlfriends

We also often see that the bride starts preparing with some girlfriends around her. Or, for example, with any sisters. The men often all go to the “men’s house,” where the groom is. Again, this creates beautiful moments between the bride and groom and the people very close to them. Because clothing-style tends to get coordinated, the style gets nice and loose from all those happy people together, and before you know it you’re having a little party.

If we have enough time, we also try to take pictures of the other people preparing. Preferably still photos in which you see as many people as possible together.

Tip: If you want to give something special to a friend, a mother or father, for example, this is often a very nice time. For example, when your dress is just on, or at least the moment your hair is out of curlers. Be sure to pass it along to us as well, so we’re all set for these kinds of great moments.

Tip: Many make-up artists and hairdressers can come on location. It often costs a little extra, but it is so much nicer to start in your own environment. Really worth thinking about.

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Putting on the wedding dress

Traditionally, mothers often help put on the wedding dress. Although sometimes we also experience the hairdresser helping out (after all, she has a lot of experience and often hangs around until the dress is all on anyway). The beauty of this moment is actually not even necessarily putting on the dress, but the moment right after: when you see yourself “completely finished” for the first time and so does your mom. Often an emotional moment and so wonderful to have a picture of it.

For the groom, a mother or a friend or brother often helps. This moment is usually a lot less emotional, although it is still nice to have photos of these final steps before the bride is “picked up.”

Tip: Have a crochet hook ready if you have those little loops in your dress. And count about 30 minutes for putting on the dress. It can often take quite a while before “everything” is completely finished. And this is 1 of those times when you’re a little stressed anyway, so the more time, the nicer it is.

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So, did we convince you? Chances are very good that you wanted to have the preparations photographed anyway, but maybe now you’ll opt for an extra half hour. Anyway, this is 1 of the few moments when bride and groom are not together yet, so have the morning especially photographed so you can enjoy the preparations together afterwards.

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