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Party at the Roode Koper

Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 002


We had been looking forward to a party at the Roode Koper for about a year and a half…. Of course, when Vivian, from wedding planner Het Bruidsmeisje, contacted us in 2019 for this beautiful couple’s wedding, we had no idea that it would be quite a while before they could actually get married. Indeed, the idea was to go big. Two days of celebration, one day with 60 intimates and the second day with over 150 people.

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Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 011

Postponement by Corona

But… you guys already feel it coming: Corona threw a spanner in the works. The wedding had to be postponed. And where we were afraid that everything would have to be moved another year, it turned out that it was going to happen this year after all: this fantastic wedding could take place!

The bride and groom did their preparations in The Roode Koper’s Manege House. Ramon and I split up so we could capture everything from both sides.

Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 016
The day guests walk to the wedding ceremony in the garden of the Roode Koper.
Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 022

Getting married in the garden of the Roode Koper

In the afternoon, the company walked towards the garden of the Roode Koper for the wedding ceremony. In a fairytale setting, people took their seats while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive. The weather was perfect. Truly the ideal conditions for a summer wedding.

So it was around this time that the bride and groom saw each other in full. Here you see the groom waiting. Not much later, his bride arrived: a beautiful radiant bride and a super-proud groom. Such a lovely moment to witness! They had a small moment to themselves, then they walked toward the wedding ceremony site.

Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 023
Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 027

How beautiful is this setting? Even though there were still restrictions by Corona, you can’t tell by anything. Everyone was neatly checked in with QR codes and since almost everything took place outside, it was completely safe.

Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 029
Bride and groom say yes to each other during wedding ceremony.
Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 034
Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 035

Exquisite dining

The evening, at hotel estate the Roode Koper, consisted of lots of special food. There were several food stations with live cooking here and there. There were oysters, fine wines, delicious cheeses, an Asia station, sweet table: in short, this was a dinner like we hadn’t experienced before.

Cheese and oysters for dinner.
Outdoor dinner at Roode Koper in Leuvenum.
Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 039
The Roode Koper in the evening.

Finally, the party at the Roode Koper really began. The evening was filled with dancing, with music, a nice atmosphere and a surprise performance by Candy Dulfer plus DJ!

Photos during a dance party.

Surprise performance

This was about the time Candy just started playing. What a great artist! Wow! She brought along a singer and DJ and that made this act very special. The energy this woman has, wow……

Huwelijk Roode Koper Ermelo 048
Party at the Roode Koper under the tent.

We stayed until the moment the wedding bouquet was thrown and then made a short photo impression of the atmosphere. This party at the Roode Koper showed us that partying really can be done again like it used to be. Sure, this was still outdoors for a while, but since it was such a nice summer evening, that only made the atmosphere nicer. It was also the first time working with the fine team of Het Bruidsmeisje (based in Arnhem/Velp) again. All in all, a very nice start to this busy fall season!


  • Wedding planner: Vivian from Het Bruidsmeisje
  • Wedding Venue: The always beautiful The Roode Koper
  • Wedding Cake & Sweet Table: Sugarlips Cakes
  • Entertainment: Love Sound (all music arranged through Love Sound)
  • Photobooth: Kamerakast
  • Movie: The Dreamers
  • Hair & Makeup: The Beautiful Bride Company
  • Nanny: La Nou Nou
  • Styling: Best Day Ever Events
  • Wedding officiant: Mooijenbelofte
  • Video Booth: Guestcamitem