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Wedding Location Landtgoed | outside wedding in summer

What I secretly love about Landtgoed (also known as Omni Mobilae) is that it is so close to where we live, Elburg. Sure, we know a lot of places in the area, but this place is really special … Heino behind Zwolle, in the middle of the woods, green everywhere, that real nature feeling: wedding location Landtgoed is great!

omnimobilae 61

Fenny and Robin thought the same; their wedding day had been planned for a while, but because of the Dutch Covid-19 measures they had to change their plans. They were very lucky with this day, because the weather was great!

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When you arrive, it is already a very cheerful place: Landtgoed is already very nicely styled. And if you add some DIY decorations to it, it will be even cozier!

omnimobilae 25

DIY, decorations and face masks

Fenny had already thought of a few things in advance: face masks for everyone, those nice ones that you can also reuse and also hand gel, because we continue to pay attention to our hygiene of course. So everyone has their own face mask, even matching pairs for couples! Besides that a scarf (in case it would get chilly) and cute flip flops for the evening.

Those hand gels and face masks you could take home at the end of the night. Ramon and I (we were allowed to photograph this wedding as a wedding photography duo) both have a turquoise one now, obviously matching ;)

DIY face masks and hand gel with scarves in cheerful colors.
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omnimobilae 29
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The ceremony took place in the middle of the forest. The wedding venue had already set everything up. It was about a 7 minute walk, from the place where food and drinks could be served, to the wedding place. So you could really get married in the forest!

Overview photo of the ceremony site of Landtgoed.

All tree trunks, faux sheepskins, confetti to scatter (Eco Friendly Wedding Style) and countless amazing flowers: so much atmosphere!

omnimobilae 54

Just before the ceremony the entire company walked (at a suitable distance) towards the ceremony site. The groom first.

omnimobilae 65

The ceremony lasted about 40 minutes and was nice and personal. Of course it is wonderful to get married in such a special place, in the middle of the forest!

Outdoor ceremony at Landtgoed in Heino. Bridal couple sitting on a chair.
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omnimobilae 71

The kissed, the rings were exchanged and yes! The couple was officially married.

People sprinkle confetti over the bride and groom.
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Food truck Festival

After the wedding ceremony we did a short photo shoot. We could choose from a lot of different options in the woods. Afterwards we walked back towards the main location of Landtgoed where all guests could grab a nice cappuccino or coffee and the barbecue cart was ready to “go”. The guests could also enjoy a delicious piece of (vegan) cake or cupcakes, a large part of the guests had baked themselves!

Omni mobilea or Landtgoed, outdoor place.
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The speeches took place in the afternoon. Because of the measures everyone had to stay in his/her seat as much as possible, but this is something that happens a lot at speech moments anyway. So actually this was another great moment of the wedding day: listening to beautiful words and songs.

omnimobilae 88

And check out that super cute game bar! Made and arranged by the friends of Fenny.

omnimobilae 96

Festive wedding evening

So this year was very challenging in terms of parties. I haven’t experienced them myself, except for maybe this evening…. It is true that the musicians were not allowed to walk around, that there was no dancing and certainly no loud partying. But have a look at this romantic atmosphere! Candles everywhere, beautiful flowers, tasty snacks, a nice drink and then the intimate atmosphere of a living room concert.

Bride and groom on the couch, guests in another nice spot and people enjoying some great music. A very memorable evening this was!

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omnimobilae 100

Nice wedding ideas of Fenny & Robin

Wedding Location Landtgoed in Heino
Hairdresser Fenny: Hairstyle by Maaike
Make-up Fenny: Beautysalon Pure Enjoy
Florist: Fleurrissant
Food truck with fine cappuccino: Baristini Barista Bus
Food truck with BBQ: Salland Smokers
Ice cream truck: Rosahoeve Ijscokar
Music for the festive evening: Band Baragan