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New Logo


Maybe you’ve already seen the changes on our website. If this is your first visit: we have a new logo. We wanted our logo to represent the “new” Mon et Mine.

When we started our company in 2010, we were pretty quick with finding someone to design our logo. The first logo was designed by Mischa, a (school-) friend. Back in those days we simply wanted “a logo” period… we didn’t really care what it would represent. But now, anno 2016, we wanted a logo that shows our identity.

So we wanted a full grown representation of our company. A bit chique, but with a personal touch. Preferably with a pictorial element so we would be recognizable. And so we set out to look for the perfect designer for this job. We found Hellomynameisclare. Her very first attempt was already 90% what the logo is now. Especially the diamond part. Did you already spot the double M?

We will be updating our website and marketing on a regular basis the next few weeks, so expect some more subtle changes.