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The introductory meeting with your wedding photographer

There are several ways to prepare for the meeting. There are also many lists circulating of questions you really “should” ask. We would like you to hear our professional opinion in this blog post. After all, we’ve done a lot of interviews with the most diverse brides and grooms. Actually, it’s pretty easy to schedule a meeting with your wedding photographer, but then there’s often the question of what exactly to prepare. In any case, know that nothing is compulsory and that you can decide for yourself what you want to invest time in and what not.

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1. Beforehand: review the website together from A to Z

What many brides and grooms forget is to take a moment together to review the website from start to finish. And then not just the portfolio, but also some recent blog posts. Sometimes you can use the search function to view your own wedding venue as well. What matters is that you take the time together to see if the photographer’s work appeals to you. That way, you can also ask targeted questions if necessary.

For example, we have sometimes been asked if we also photograph indoor weddings (yes, very often!) if we also take group photos (of course, only we don’t put those online often) and if we have ever been to location ABC. If you have questions as a result of a website, write them down and bring them to the conversation.

Tip: would you like to see our 50 favorite wedding venues want to see? Then check out the link.

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2. Check out your wedding photographer’s process.

Although not every wedding photographer will admit it, but everyone has a unique take on a wedding day. And that includes a unique way of photographing. Some photographers are a “fly on the wall” and some are just more present to make sure everything is photographed in a certain way. Some photographers have exactly in their mind how the picture is going to be and pose you until you are perfectly in the picture, while others are more casual in their approach. What appeals to you? Also consult together, often grooms have just a slightly different idea of the “photoshoot” than brides. Roughly speaking, there are two different ways or working, posed and unposed.

Fine-Art and posing

If you want your picture to be absolutely perfect, then fine-art or posed photography might be for you. The photographer takes longer for the photo shoot, but as a result, takes some perfect pictures. Often they are very spherical images. In this case, plan ample time for photo opportunities and make sure you are on the same page with your partner.

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Photojournalistic wedding reportage

Do you want to be relaxed and laid back in your photo? Then, of course, posing for a photo is not for you. The reportage is made completely photo-journalistic. Nothing is posed. As a result, you see the photos as realistic representations and don’t have to think “oh yes, at that moment I had to look so and so into the camera.”

Or a perfect blend?

We ourselves actually choose a mix, we often find. During the day we are as invisible as possible, but during moments like the photo shoot and group shots, you will notice us a little more. At least, if you want to be photographed that way, because some couples very deliberately choose a photojournalistic reportage with us. So think about what appeals to you in advance. If your soon-to-be really doesn’t want to be posed in the photo, see if a compromise is possible. For example, 5 minutes. And do you or your partner really not want to: don’t. After all, it’s your day.

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3. How much will it cost?

Nothing is more awkward than when you don’t know what something is going to cost you. You’re totally immersed in the conversation, have the perfect wedding shoot all in mind and suddenly you hear that the whole party package is way out of your budget. So take a good look at the price list in advance and if there is anything you don’t understand, please email for an explanation. If the price list is not online, call or email to ask for it, because why shouldn’t you know the prices in advance? This can save you and the wedding photographer a lot of time. I also wrote an extensive blog post on this topic: what does a wedding photographer cost?

What is included in the price?

Also consider what is important to you. Do you want a wedding album? An all-in price, so you don’t have to think about travel expenses and travel time? Do you want everything recorded from A to Z or a small portion of the day? Are you okay with paying for prints or do you want the photos in high resolution? All questions you can discuss with your partner beforehand. That way, you won’t have any surprises.

Will I get 1 or 2 photographers?

There are an increasing number of wedding photographers who will partner with a colleague to offer two photographers at your wedding. We find that it is often not clear in advance whether you will get one photographer and an assistant or two full-fledged photographers. Be sure to inquire about this. Because if you get a photographer plus assistant then there is always the chance that the assistant will take different photos in terms of style than the “main photographer”. If this is not a big deal, no problem of course, but since you do pay for two people, you also want good pictures. Especially of the moments when the photographers shoot separately from each other.

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4. What do I expect from my wedding photographer?

For example, discuss in advance with your partner what would make a reportage really successful for you. Is that having beautiful detail photos? Do you want an extensive photo shoot or do you want a photojournalistic reportage where the photographer doesn’t pose anything? Do you want the photographer to give you direction during the day or would you prefer to “not see” him/her all day? Do you want the photographer to be neatly dressed? Do you want him or her to focus on certain people on your day? Have you thought about where the photographer will sit during dinner? And about when you guys are going to get the pictures? Do you already know if you want a wedding album? There are lots of questions, as you can see.

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5. Questions to ask during the meeting

There they are: the most frequently asked questions, during an introductory meeting. Here is a brief summary:

1. What do we do if you turn out to be sick on the day?

2. How do we get the photos delivered?

3. How many photos will we get and are they in high resolution?

4. Will you help us pose (when we want a photo shoot)?

5. Do you have experience photographing a wedding at an indoor location?

6. How many weddings have you photographed in total?

7. How do you handle cancellations related to Corona?

8. Can we order prints from you as well?

9. Do you also work with a contract that lists all the agreements?

10. Do we need to make any arrangements in terms of lunch and dinner?

11. Do you have any tips for our wedding day, looking at planning, for example?

12. What about the rights to the photos? For example, may I make my own printouts?

And above all, write down any additional questions you think of. Perhaps as a result of another conversation you had. has a complete list of many more questions, divided into several categories.

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6. Last, but not least, schedule adequate time for the interview

Of course, it is very convenient to schedule several interviews with wedding vendors on one day. However, when you are halfway through the conversation and you have to leave in half an hour, it makes you feel rushed. Your wedding photographer will have a lot of contact with you during the wedding day, so it’s nice to take some time to get to know you.

If you find that you have a busy schedule, consider a digital meeting. We notice ourselves that couples often get acquainted online just a little faster than when we do it in our home. In half an hour you can already get a very good picture of each other.

Tip: Consider a digital meeting.

Now you guys, do you have any good suggestions for future brides? Please e-mail us.