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Relaxed Dutch wedding on Schiermonnikoog | Margot and Joris

How big is the chance that three couples get married on Schiermonnikoog in one weekend and that two of them email you for a wedding report? I don’t know exactly, but what I do know is that we were allowed to make a reportage on one of the Wadden Islands on both Friday and Saturday.

And for me, Schier (I think I can say Schier, now that I’ve been there) is in the top 3!

Photo shoot on the beach of Schiermonnikoog.

Getting married on the Wadden Sea island of Schiermonnikoog

We have been on quite a few Wadden Islands, but Schiermonnikoog was not one of them. So we went to Lauwersoog, the ferry took about forty minutes and we took the bus to the town. The island is so small that everything can be reached within ten minutes, ideal!

First via green meadows with uninhibited nesting lapwings (an islander told us in the bus), then via a holiday farm and voilà: we were on location.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 001

Joris’ mother lives on the island and therefore had good contacts. In the home of a friend, the bride and groom were allowed to prepare themselves. Not the bride and groom in a different location, as is custom, but simply together. Well, for the most part.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 002
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 003
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 005

So nice to see this couple doing it their own way! Joris really had chores to do in between, but he also went to watch while his (now girlfriend) was made up. I think this fits the atmosphere of a Schiermonnikoog wedding.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 006
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 007
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 008

Have you ever seen a bride look more in love at her wedding dress? ; )

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 009

The ceremony took place at the Sint Egbert Chapel on Schiermonnikoog.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 010
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 011

The mother of Joris helped her daughter-in-law-to-be put on the wedding dress. This hug was just after the dress was on!

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 012
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 013

Changing clothes at two locations

The actual changing was done in the same building, but they wanted to save the “first look” moment until the Dutch civil ceremony. So Margot upstairs, Joris downstairs and making sure they didn’t accidentally bump into each other.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 014
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 016

Above is Margot’s father with the veil in his hand. Another one of those moments when you think, “yeah… totally unique to this day, nice!”

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 017
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 018

Getting married on Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is a beautiful island, so there are as little motorized vehicles as possible. Therefore the entire group cycled towards the wedding location. The daughter of the bride and groom is also neatly harnessed to the back of the bike. We are always so happy when couples have weddings with children!

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 019

And yes, it is and remains Corona time: thus the “walking down the aisle” moment with mouthpiece.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 022
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 023
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 024
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 026
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 027

The ceremony was not equally interesting for everyone ; ) And that is the beauty of children: they just do what feels right at that moment.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 028
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 029
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 030

After the wedding ceremony, the group went, again, by bike to the next location. Joris rode in front with his bride! And no, the bike was not electrically powered ;)

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 031

Beach pavilion De Marlijn on Schiermonnikoog

The plan for the afternoon was to have a drink at De Marlijn beach club. And what a relaxing moment! There were fine appetizers, a toast moment, presents and some loose family formals.

Just really nice to be here. And even simply making the journey to get there was a good idea…. This day started to feel more and more like a destination wedding.

Overview of beach location De Marlijn.
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 033
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 034
Have a drink at the beach pavilion Marlin.
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 036

Short photo shoot on the beach

We took them for a short photo shoot on the beach. Because we totally get it when brides and grooms just want some great photos, without being away from their own party for hours. So shoes off and off to the beach! I think we spent about 15 to 20 minutes in total.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 038
Wedding photos on the beach of Schiermonnikoog.
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 040
Bridal couple that got married on Schiermonnikoog.
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 043

When we came back it was time for the children to eat something. And of course: the adults ate a little bit too. Not much later they also brought Dutch “bitterballen” and other snacks, so a real terrace moment.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 048
Having a drink at beachclub de Marlijn on Schier.
Cycling on Schiermonnikoog.

The couple decided to have a brake, somewhere in between planned moments. Everyone could return to their accommodations by bike. And because the children already went to bed, their teeth were brushed as well.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 053
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 054

In the meantime Margot and Joris could freshen up and head for the Ambrosijn. This is where tthey were having dinner, that evening. I loved how those two grabbed a moment together just before the rest of the guests came in.

Dinner at the Ambrosijn on Schiermonnikoog.
Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 056

Dine at the Ambrosijn

The group could enjoy a delicious dinner with matching wine arrangement. The food looked wonderful too! We finished off with a delicious meal, after which we had a tasty ice cream (which you can also get at the Ambrosijn). On Margot’s advice we took lemon ice cream. All in all, a day to remember.

Trouwen Schiermonnikoog 057