Are you getting married in 2024 or 2025 and want to know if the date is still available?

Getting married on a weekday: 5 reasons in favour.

Perhaps it doesn’t surprise you: getting married on a weekday is less popular than getting married on a Friday or Saturday. Yet it seems that there is a slight shift happening.

In fact, many couples chose to have their wedding moved due to Corona. The NOS already reported about a tidal wave of weddings! Where bridal couples used to choose a weekend day, the next 18 montsh they will have fewer options to go for a Friday or Saturday. The solution? Choose a weekday!

5 reasons for a weekday wedding

There are several advantages to getting married on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. I like to name them below… Who knows, it might make your choice easier too.

Getting married on a weekday in the spring.

1. Getting married on a weekday is cheaper

And that’s nice. Often it is cheaper because there is less demand for it. More suppliers are available, such as your wedding location, wedding officiant and wedding photographer. And so the price is lower. But: this doesn’t apply to all vendors! In fact, many suppliers have a maximum number of weddings they can handle during a year. An example: we can shoot a maximum of two weddings in a row per week (with exceptions) and in exceptional cases take on a maximum of three weddings…. so whether you get married on a Friday or Monday, the work is the same.

2. More suppliers are still available

We find that many couples, when postponing their wedding, first consult with their wedding location. I’ve heard from several wedding venues now that they are pretty much booked up in the most popular months. A Friday in January is still possible, but July, August and September are completely full. So if you’d like to stay at your wedding venue, chances are you’ll soon have to choose a weekday to get married.

The same applies to us: more and more weekends in the summer of 2022 are getting full, but if you get married on a Wednesday, for example, we still have many options.

Bridal couple at sunset on the beach.
3. You can choose your special date

For example, if your anniversary is on a Tuesday, why not take that particular day? I admit that giving a party is not practical then, because of the guests, but a nice dinner should be possible. For example, if you choose that Monday, your guests will still have a long weekend (if they get the day off).

4. Or choose a “beautiful wedding date”

Think for example of Monday 21-06-21 or Wednesday 21-07-21, or a date like Sunday 21-11-21 (Dutch way of writing down dates). These are all dates that are less popular than most Fridays and Saturdays. We have noticed that a beautiful wedding date that falls on a Friday or Saturday is the most popular.

Fotoshoot on the heath with beautiful nature.

5. It’s nice and quiet everywhere!

Right. Imagine you have a photo shoot and want to go to the moors, the beach or a forest in peace and quiet: it is always busy on the weekends. How ideal would it be to choose a quiet Wednesday or Thursday?

And what does it cost to get married on a Monday?

Getting married on Monday can be free in many cases. Although you still have the costs for the wedding papers, you save a lot of costs. Did you know that in many cases you can have a maximum of 12 people in the room (corona, or no corona). The photographer and witnesses are also part of this number.

Short wedding ceremony

Also, the ceremony is often super short. Think for example of 10 minutes: you enter, are welcomed and you can immediately stand up for the “yes-part”. There is often no time for your own music in the background and so you have the most stripped down version.

Beste Trouwfotografie 2020 022

But if you see the wedding ceremony purely as an official act and the ceremony itself has little value to you, then it is certainly an option. Short, but sweet. Be sure to check with your local authority to see what the rules are.

Cons of a weekday wedding?

The biggest disadvantage of, for example, a wedding on a Monday or Tuesday is that the guests do not automatically have the day off already. This is especially difficult, for example, when you want to give a big party. The solution is to start dinner a little earlier. You’ll be finished a little sooner. That way, your guests will be home on time and can (possibly) work the next day.

Should you choose such a day, make sure that your most important guests know well in advance. That way you can make sure they can ask for time off. You could also arrange the day so that, for example, you have an intimate gathering during the day, then go for a short break and have a festive moment around 19:30 until, for example, 22:00. Any guests who are not necessarily present for the whole day can then still offer their congratulations in the evening.

The Dutch “Madiwodo” wedding

Alright, just three more tips for your madiwodo wedding (Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday). Are you getting married on a weekday and are you still looking for a photographer? Please contact us by filling in the form below. Do you want more tips for your wedding: we like to contribute our ideas. And if you are getting married in 2022, please click on the link. We would love to photograph your weekday wedding.