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Getting married in Heenvliet | Ariane & Kevin

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 002

Extra lots of wedding inspiration

Since we can’t photograph as many weddings in 2020 in the spring, we’d like to give you some delicious wedding inspiration this way. Because oh oh oh oh how photogenic this day was!

So I added extra cool details to the blog post. Always nice to see right? And perhaps good to know that this couple was getting married in June. A lovely sunny month. To be exact, they got married during the solstice ;) The longest day, how romantic!

Beautiful details of a wedding.
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Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 003
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Being close to each other

Kevin began his preparations two houses away, in the middle of Heenvliet. While their infant daughter Liv stayed with the women, son Solomon, on the contrary, was with his father. And the men, because it was a nice company this way. The gentlemen took it easy. Cup of coffee, later a glass of beer, and the women were busy wrapping everything up in the meantime.

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Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 010
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 011
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 012

That dress of Ariane’s… a picture, right? She was helped by two very dear women to put on her wedding dress.

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 016
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 013
Mon et Mine 0062

Have you seen Ariane’s wedding ring yet? So unique!

Bride helps her daughter get dressed.

Secretly, I’m a little in love with the above photo…. And maybe a little jealous too ; ) Because how special is it when, as a bride, you get to get married with your children present? Beautiful Ariane, beautiful Liv … in a very special home. And then work together toward the moment when yes will be said. Ariane really wanted to dress her daughter herself. And while that is quite a bit of a challenge logistically on your wedding day, it worked out just fine.

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 019

Getting married in Heenvliet

The ceremony took place in Heenvliet’s attractive little church. We knew Heenvliet from previous assignments, but we had never been to this beautiful church. The wedding ceremony took place here. Such a ceremony with many emotions and impressive moments. And everywhere you looked there were candles and beautiful flowers. Ariane was escorted to the altar by her brother. This moment was also very beautiful to see.

Getting married in Heenvliet at the church.
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 021
Mon et Mine 0063

Also so striking: all those beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements. The church was full of them!

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 022
Mon et Mine 0065
Overview of a ceremony at the church in Heenvliet.
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 024

Another beautiful moment between brother and sister (sitting in the front). These types of images make us very happy … That you can capture the connection between different people.

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Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 025
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 027
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 029
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 030

Getting married in Heenvliet and drinks at Ravesteyn

After the ceremony, there was a reception in the garden of Ravesteyn estate. The groom sabotaged two bottles of champagne and then the beautiful wedding cake was cut. What I loved about this day were all those little intimate moments. Between the bride and groom, between the bride and her aunt, for example, and, of course, between parents and children. The company was also frank with each other. You saw countless happy moments, although there were also tears of sadness here and there.

Mon et Mine 0067
The groom sabotages a bottle of champagne.
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 036

A cozy reception in the garden. Because the guests stayed close together, it was extra cozy. In the background, you can see the dinner setting already prepared.

Drinks at Ravesteyn
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 031
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 035
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 037
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The dinar setting was beautifully styled. Again with lots of flowers, beautiful wooden chairs and white table linens. There was also a little table for the children, here they could color and play. Dad came to help too ; )

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 038
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 039

Little moment together

We had a short photo shoot. Preferably fifteen minutes, the bride and groom indicated, but half an hour was also fine. As long as they were not too long away from the guests. And we understand that very well. We always like to discuss how long we have so we can get as much out of the time as possible.

Because this location is so beautiful by itself, we were able to get to some great spots and take pictures pretty quickly. And in no time, the bride and groom were back with their guests. We are increasingly finding that couples want a short photo shoot. You can’t go to another location then, because that would take too much time, but in a short moment you can definitely take some great pictures. And indeed, then you don’t have to be away from your guests for too long. Everyone happy : )

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 040
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 041
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 044

The photo below is also 1 of my favorites. The photo shoot was over and Ramon took a quick picture of mom and daughter, walking back to the reception. These kinds of in-between moments just make the story more complete.

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 045
Mon et Mine 0069

Outdoor dining with setting sun

And you just might dine at such a table. With flower arrangements everywhere, lovely in the sun and then enjoying so many great speeches. That says a lot about how close a company is. Beautiful words for two beautiful people. A joy to be around.

The evening progressed and after dinner the bride withdrew for a while. Her hair was undone, her makeup touched up and not much later she and her groom entered the dance floor. What they did not expect was that a large portion of their family and friends had rehearsed a flashmob. Instant party so ;)

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 046
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Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 051

Lots of beautiful emotional speeches during this outdoor wedding dinner.

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 052
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 053

Slowly but surely, dinner came to an end and it was time to head toward the party.

Getting married in Heenvliet on a country estate.
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 054

Yup, the bride and groom appeared at the party, the music turned on and it was instantly ON!

Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 056
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 057
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 058
Bruidsfotografie Heenvliet AK 060

At the end of the evening, guests were given a small bottle of Limoncello to take away ;)

Mon et Mine 0072

Addresses from Ariane & Kevin

Wedding stationery: Studio Spruijt
Wedding officiant: Did I tell you?
Rings: Juwelier van Willegen
Dress: Bloomfeld Luxury Bridal
Suit: L’Atelier Amsterdam
Shoes bride: Emmy London
Shoes groom: Both Rotterdam
Hair: Hairstyling by Brenda
Make-up: Mendy Heere
Flowers: Groen is Gras
Videographer: Nouks Visuals
Cake: Just Love Cakes
Restaurant: Restaurant the Hoecksack
Location of ceremony: St. St. Martin’s Church at Heenvliet
Location drinks, party, dinner: Ravesteyn estate
Music Jazz duo: Jazz Centrale
Music DJ: Charleon