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Wedding in the garden of Groot Warnsborn | Nelleke & Ruben

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Colorful. And sunny. And perhaps also extremely cheerful. This wedding day can be summed up in happy words. Because this was a very nice day. On a beautiful wedding location, the garden of Groot Warnsborn, with lovely guests and a very positive and nice atmosphere.

Nelleke and Ruben had chosen to get married in the garden of Landgoed Groot Warnsborn in Arnhem. Combine that with summer weather and two people in love and voila: a day to remember.

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That moment when the groom says goodbye to his parents and sets off to meet his bride: wonderful!

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Nelleke was all set for the pick-up moment. So Ruben could arrive!

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Wedding pictures at estate Mariëndaal

We did the photo shoot at estate Mariëndaal. This is a beautiful area with trees, open fields, a beautiful beech hedge and simply a lot of nature. We knew it from previous walks we made, when we still lived in Arnhem (a very long time ago ; ). So it was extra special to walk here again.

The shoot took place under the trees, in a field of corn and while walking around the estate. What an inspiring place!

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Nelleke was brought to the ceremony site by her father. This was also a beautiful moment to witness, because you see how emotions of several people come together. Joy, but also sadness, I think.

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The rings were given by one of the super cute nieces!

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In the early afternoon, the party headed to the church for the church ceremony.

A garden to discover

What I loved about this wedding in the garden of Groot Warnsborn is that you could really see how the guests slowly discovered the garden. Where people first just sat on the terrace, you saw more and more people enjoying this beautiful summer garden. Color everywhere. And different blooming flowers everywhere.

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Bingo at your wedding

Another great moment? The bingo! I have never experienced complete Bingo in 450+ weddings! Or rather, it was a great funny story in which all the numbers between 0 and 75 were mentioned. And the person who got bingo first of course won. People were very fanatical ; ) Highly recommended, because the atmosphere was immediately good. And when it turned out that someone had a false Bingo, a song was sung.

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A full evening’s dinner

The evening was filled with a delicious dinner. The couple could also enjoy several fine speeches. You could tell from everything that this is a very close family. And not only the family was cheerfully present, but also the groups of friends. Nice to see how so many different people could enjoy this day so intensely together. A real party!

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And in between we also had ten minutes for a mini evening shoot. In the meantime the sun had set quite a bit, so the light became softer and the colours of the garden stood out even more. A sea of green in this fine garden.

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We photographed a large part of the dinner, after which the day was over for us. All in all a fantastic day!

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Addresses of Nelleke & Ruben

Wedding location: Groot Warnsborn (Orangery)
Wedding rings: Sus Goldsmiths
Cocktail bar: Bar Company
Wedding flowers: Buitengewoon Bloemen Utrecht
Wedding officiant: Charlotte Waardenburg
Wedding dress: Valkengoed Amersfoort
Wedding suit: TailormadeSuits Utrecht