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Getting married in Nunspeet | Mark & Katrien

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Katrien is of Flemish descent and Mark was born and raised in this area and so they got married in Nunspeet. Extra special for us because they didn’t necessarily find us locally, but through friends who also live in Flanders. So thanks to the wonderful wedding of Eva and Daan, we also got to come and photograph during this special day. Because special it was!

Getting married in Nunspeet

Again, the Corona measures for a wedding were well taken into account. The day was considerably shortened; there was no party, for example. And the bride and groom had deliberately kept the party small. It seems tremendously intense to have to cut a day short like that, but at the same time, it did give room to enjoy the individual parts extra. So we had a little more time for the photo shoot and there was a lovely quiet afternoon and evening, in and around Nunspeet.

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Bridal couple in the forest during a photo shoot
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Photoshoot and First Look

The photo shoot took place on the moors near Elspeet. At that beautiful playground, near where they were getting married in Nunspeet so. And maybe you guys already noticed a little bit…. much of this day was arranged by local business owners. And then, of course, you do the first look and photo shoot hyper-locally. And rightfully so! Mark is an alderman in Nunspeet and thus slightly biased ;)

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So Mark and Katrien got married in Nunspeet, in the town hall. The guests sat neatly (by household) apart and the children all sat in the middle of the circle. What was so special about this ceremony was that Mark and Katrien had two videos made in which they explained why they had chosen each other. Super cool!

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Bride and groom say yes to each other.
Bride and groom walk out with their bridesmaids.

After the ceremony, the guests walked to the Ice Cafe, on Nunspeet’s square. Here everyone got two scoops of ice cream, delicious!

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Covered wagon to Hulshorst

Then they departed by covered wagon toward Hulshorst’s Coach House. Dust masks were handed out, all in compliance with legislation. I suspect the kids were most excited about it ;)

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VW van to camp with during a wedding.

Upon arrival at Hulshorst’s Koetshuis, everyone got out and walked toward the garden. Time for a toast!

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get married at Koetshuis Hulshorst.

What we love about this location is the fact that it is so open. You have countless spots to enjoy. It was still hot, but manageable. Especially now that we were under the trees, in the forest.

Children play on the grass at Koetshuis Hulshorst.

The Coach House has lots of tasty appetizers and so the party was able to enjoy an evening of live music, delicious culinary surprises and even a punishing beer here and there. Obviously a Carmelite ; )

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Addresses from Katrien & Mark

Wedding Location: Nunspeet Town Hall
Dinner Location: Koetshuis Hulshorst (Hulshorst)
Ice cream location: The Ice Cafe (Nunspeet)