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Getting Married in a Garden : Top 10 Most Beautiful Garden Wedding Venues

A wedding in a beautiful garden is the perfect setting to celebrate your love. Surrounded by flowers, greenery ánd a romantic atmosphere. The Netherlands has numerous special places where you can get married in a garden. In this blog post, discover the Top 10 most beautiful wedding venues with gardens, ranging from intimate secret gardens to lush estates.

Wedding ceremony on the grass at Domaine d'Heerstaayen in Strijbeek.

1. Domaine d’Heerstaayen

This beautiful estate in Brabant is a fairytale place to get married. A romantic rose garden and lovely large lawn, in addition to all the beautifully landscaped borders make this the ideal wedding venue for a garden wedding. Getting married in this garden means enjoying the natural beauty of the countryside of Brabant and Strijbeek.

An evening party is not possible at this garden location, but a fine evening dinner is possible, such as in the wedding greenhouse.

Detailed photos of an outdoor wedding at Domaine d'Heerstaayen.

2. The Hazelhof

The Hazelhof, located in Rijsbergen, is similar in atmosphere to Domaine d’Heerstaayen. This wedding venue also has one beautiful garden setting for your wedding. The garden has been carefully landscaped by the two owners and offers several “garden rooms” in which to get married. Nice bonus: Heerlijk & Hecht is the regular caterer here!

Getting married in the garden of De Hazelhof.

It is not possible to have a large evening party at this venue, although you can have evening dining.

De Hazelhof garden has lots of spring blooms in April and May.

3. Tuin de Lage Oorsprong

This historic garden in Oosterbeek is another beautiful place for when you want to get married in a garden. A beautiful pond, beautifully landscaped garden and the various buildings (including a greenhouse) makes Tuin de Lage Oorsprong a good option for your plans.

Getting married in a greenhouse at Tuin de Lage Oorsprong.

It is not possible to party at this wedding venue, so keep this in mind if you want a wedding party. Other couples decided to dine at this location and then go to The Westerbouwing, for the party.

Bruiloft Tuin de Lage Oorsprong 018

4. Groot Warnsborn

This luxury hotel and restaurant in Arnhem is surrounded by beautiful gardens and woods, making it an ideal location when you want to get married in a garden. Getting married at Groot Warnsborn means enjoying luxury; with accommodation options and delicious dining.

Getting married at Warnsborn estate in the garden.
Nelleke Ruben 594

5. Het Roode Koper

For us, this is the most luxurious wedding venue in the Netherlands. Located in the heart of the Veluwe, near Leuvenum in the woods, Het Roode Koper offers a beautiful garden and woodland setting for your wedding. The garden is beautifully landscaped and you can get married in several places on the estate. Whether in the back of the garden or in front on the lawn under the trees: romance guaranteed.

Getting married in the garden of Het Roode Koper.

It is also possible to stay overnight at this location with a large group of people.

Bruiloft Het Roode Koper Ermelo 038

6. Kasteelhoeve Geldrop

This historic estate in Geldrop features a beautiful garden that is ideal for a garden wedding. You can get married in the orchard or at Geldrop Castle, under a beautiful old tree. This garden is beautifully landscaped and is interesting to visit throughout the year. But so also to get married in.

Getting married in the orchard at Kasteelhoeve Geldrop.

And at the castle farm, you can have a lovely dinner on the terrace and then have your party afterwards, inside.

Trouwen Kasteelhoeve Geldrop 049

7. Rhederoord estate

This beautiful estate in De Steeg offers a beautiful garden and breathtaking views of the Veluwe. From the terraces of the main house you look out over a lower meadow with old trees and cows. Nearby you can also find De Posbank, possibly for the photo shoot.

Trouwen Landgoed Rhederoord RG 022

What’s nice about Rhederoord is that you have several places where you can get married outside: next to the building under the beech tree, in a nearby spot in the woods under the Sequoia trees and also at the front of the building, overlooking the lower meadows.

Getting married in the garden of Rhederoord Estate.

In addition, you can stay overnight with a large party here so that your wedding day lasts not one but two or more days!

Buiten Bruiloft Landgoed Rhederoord 018

8. Het Rijk van de Keizer

This wedding venue near Amsterdam offers a unique and creative location for your wedding. The garden is a beautiful place to get married with artistic and bohemian style. For example, you can get married in the Amphitheater of the Het Rijk van de Keizer.

Rijk van de Keizer Amsterdam Bruiiloft Styled shoot 017
Rijk van de Keizer Amsterdam Bruiiloft Styled shoot 025

9. Kasteel Rhoon

This historic castle in Rhoon has a beautiful garden ideal for a garden wedding. You can get married here beautifully outdoors, in the summer.

Getting married in a garden at Kasteel Rhoon.
Bruiloft Kasteel van Rhoon en SS Rotterdam 052

10. Your own garden

And of course, choosing your own backyard is also an option. Do you really want a personal and intimate backyard wedding? Then consider your own garden (if you have the space).

Tip: read more about getting married in your own backyard here.

Achtertuin Bruiloft LJ 032
Tuinbruiloft in Oud Aalden 020

What should I consider when choosing a garden as a wedding venue?

When choosing a wedding venue, consider the season, the weather, the size of the garden, whether restrooms and catering are possible and what the backup plan is in case of bad weather.

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Can you bring your own wedding decorations?

A number of wedding venues where you can get married in a garden have indicated that not everything is possible in terms of decoration. The reason is because sometimes the garden can be very beautiful by itself and additional decoration may not fit the owner’s vision. So consult what is possible.

Beautifully set cake table in the orchard of De Hazelhof.

Can you stay overnight or have a party at the wedding venue?

Whether the wedding venue has hotel rooms available you can always check with the owner. Sometimes wedding venues make set arrangements with hotels in the area. In addition, it is not possible to throw a party at every garden location, for example, because the location is private property or because it is in the middle of a nature reserve.

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Is your favorite garden wedding venue not listed here? Then check out our handy overview of the (in our opinion) 50 most beautiful wedding venues in the Netherlands. If you are unsure about two or more locations and would like our opinion, please feel free to send us a message. We are happy to think with you.