Getting married in 2022? Keep this in mind

Getting married in 2022, a few handy tips

Maybe you have just decided to get married in 2022 and want to choose a wedding date. Maybe you’ve been asked or you’ve asked your soon-to-be. But one thing is for sure: 2022 will be your wedding year!
Now, it certainly has an advantage that it’s still a while before 2022, because you still have a little time. But is this really the case?

Creating a pinterest board to plan your wedding.

A lot of weddings

If there’s one thing we know for sure is that getting married in 2022 is going to be very popular. And all that thanks to Corona, as you can read on the site of the AD. Couples who initially wanted to get married in 2020 often opted for 2021 after all. And the couples that thought it was important to really enjoy their preparations decided to postpone their wedding to the next year. And voila: a lot of weddings. Think:

  • Couples who wanted to get married in 2020 and moved their wedding day multiple times, until they got fed up and went straight to 2022.
  • Couples who decided to get married in 2020 and immediately wanted to skip 2021 by corona.
  • Couples who decide to get married in 2021 and choose 2022.
  • Couples who decide to get married in early 2022 and just want to do it right away that year.

Start planning in time if you want to get married in 2022

So start planning in time, because many dates are already taken. Especially when you want to get married at a favorite wedding location like Wijenburg Castle or Rhederoord Estate. Do you want the most options? Then go for a weekday in early spring or winter.

Get married in 2022, for example during the blossom period.

Get married in January, February or March

If you choose the spring of 2022, you’re probably in luck. Most couples choose wedding months like May, June and September (see also NOS). That’s probably why there are more choices for those early spring wedding days. But start choosing your wedding date on time.

Choose a nice wedding date in 2022

However, it is useful to take into account “nice dates”; those wedding dates that are easier to remember. For example, Saturday 22-01-22, Wednesday 02-02-2022, Tuesday 22-02-22 and Tuesday 22-03-22. Of these days, Saturday is probably the most popular. So if a Tuesday is okay for you too, keep that date as an option.

And don’t forget spring holiday, because that’s when a lot of people are on vacation. Even better idea: pick a date because it suits you, not because it’s easy to remember. The date is often in the wedding ring anyway ;)

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Getting married in April, May or June 2022

Would you like to go for a spring wedding? With blossoms, more chance of sunny weather and maybe even an outdoor wedding? Then you quickly end up in April, May and June. Please note that this is the most popular wedding period of the year and so many wedding venues will already be booked. In terms of popular dates, you have less chance of success at Friday 22-04-2022, Sunday 22-05-2022 and Wednesday 22-06-2022. Again, Fridays and Saturdays are more popular than any other weekday.

Also take into account Ascension, Easter and Whitsun. For example, you could choose Wednesday 25-05-2022 to have a weekday where most people have the next day off. Or choose 15 April, so that your party has a long weekend off afterwards. The same goes for 3 and 4 June.

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Getting married in July or August 2022

Well, the summer of 2022, also a very fine option. Of course you have to take into account the more popular dates, like Friday 22-07-2022, Monday 22-08-2022 and Thursday 22-09-2022. But on the other hand, we also advise you to take the summer holidays into account. This year’s holiday will fall somewhere between July 9 and September 4, depending on which region it is.

Advantages of a summer wedding

The advantage of getting married during the summer holidays is that you have more choice, but the disadvantage is that there is a chance that some of your guests are on holiday. So if you want to get married in the middle of summer, let your most important guests know in time.

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Getting married in the autumn of 2022

When I look at our calendars in 2021 I notice that November is more popular than ever before. Normally we had maybe one or two weddings, but now there are already five (and I’m sure there will be one more). In 2021, the fall is attractive because you will most likely have no corona restrictions. Secretly, I hope you are thinking about this period too, because it can be so atmospheric.

Fully booked wedding venues

As we head into the fall, keep in mind once again all those fully booked venues. However, you are much more likely to be successful in finding a wedding date and venue in these months. The next steps? Arrange for a wedding officiant, one or more wedding photographers and all the suppliers that need to be present on your wedding day. A cake supplier can often serve several couples on one day, but with an official, photographer or live musician it is more difficult.

Getting married in 2022 tips for a winter wedding.

Getting married in the winter of 2022-2023

Do you already know that you want to get married in 2022 and winter is totally fine? I would then definitely consider choosing, say, early spring 2022 (if you don’t want to wait too long) or late fall. For example, consider a November wedding or a Christmas wedding.

Or… if you want to do something totally “different” you can opt for a January wedding. We have had the opportunity to photograph about 450 weddings at this point and in that time we have experienced maybe 2 or 3 weddings in January.

You just know the weather is going to be bad anyway so you can make it cozy inside.

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Do you have questions about a date or something else?

Please send me a message! You can do this via Facebook, via e-mail or via the contact form below. We would love to help you with tips, ideas and inspiration! Want to know what to arrange when you get married? I wrote an extensive blog post about it.