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Getting married at Vidaa – Daphne & Ivar

Bruiloft Vidaa 042

This couple got married at Vidaa!

We are so happy…. we got to shoot some more weddings this summer. Also the one of Ivar and Daphne. Earlier this year I already made a reportage of them, during a love shoot in the Veluwe, but now it was time for the wedding.

Party during Corona

Right. Let me see… How long has it been since we put a real party on our blog? I suspect sometime in late 2019! In the meantime, we’ve had parties, but we either weren’t allowed to blog them (we still could in early February 2020) or we haven’t asked yet (mid-2021).

Bruiloft Vidaa 001

So nice to see all that lovely stationery together. I’m excited about this trend, where the wedding logo comes back in multiple places. And the nice thing is that sometimes you can also have wedding logos printed on an album….

Bruiloft Vidaa 002

This was another wonderful wedding day where we got to start early in the morning. To be very precise at 7:30, so we could capture the preparations of the bride and groom. The day started so early, because today there would be a wedding on an estate and in the church.

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Great photo location in Delft: Lijm en Cultuur

After the first look we got in the car to Lijm en Cultuur: what a place! How cool are those walls? And that glass? And that industrial atmosphere? We are total fans of this location. We could take a lot of pictures outside, but also inside there were a lot of different spots.

We had to wait a very short time for the person from the location to find us, so we just started taking pictures at every place that was interesting. And we still haven’t discovered all the nooks and crannies…

Wedding photo at the orange wall of Lijm en Cultuur in Delft.
Bruiloft Vidaa 016

About this time we went inside. There’s just so much variety in terms of places. That variety is wonderful! As a photographer you’re really looking at it like: “well… where do we start and how do we get the best spots in the time we have available? A luxury problem.

Bruiloft Vidaa 017
Photo shoot at Lijm en Cultuur in Delft.
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Bruiloft Vidaa 021
Bruiloft Vidaa 022
Bruiloft Vidaa 023

Wedding at Vidaa Estate

So the wedding ceremony took place on Vidaa Estate. A lovely green estate with all kinds of secret places, islands, paths and lots of green. The ceremony site was completely styled by wedding planner Nadine. After a short lunch the wedding couple could start this highlight of their day.

Bruiloft Vidaa 024
Bruiloft Vidaa 026
Overview of the wedding ceremony at Vidaa.
Bruiloft Vidaa 027

This couple was also getting married for the Catholic Church and so they grabbed the vintage car and drove to the church.

Bruiloft Vidaa 029
Bruiloft Vidaa 030
Bruiloft Vidaa 033
Bruiloft Vidaa 034
The bride and groom arrive by ferry at Vidaa.

Arrival at Vidaa

Bruiloft Vidaa 036
Bruiloft Vidaa 037
Bruiloft Vidaa 038
Bruiloft Vidaa 039
Bruiloft Vidaa 041
Bruiloft Vidaa 043

So you can arrive at Vidaa with one of those mini-ponds. You pull yourself to the other side of the bank. A nice relationship test ; ) On the other side of the water the whole group was ready with a drink, so we could toast right away!

So the evening opened with a very nice first dance. Ivar and Daphne had practiced for a long time and made a spectacular entrance! After this the band started playing immediately, so the party could burst loose.

Bruiloft Vidaa 045
Bruiloft Vidaa 046
Bruiloft Vidaa 047

Charming, isn’t it? Vidaa in the evening with all romantic lights.

Photo of the building at Vidaa in the evening.
Bruiloft Vidaa 049
Bruiloft Vidaa 050
Bruiloft Vidaa 051
Bruiloft Vidaa 052

Romantic exit

Daphne and Ivar had asked us to stay until the exit of their wedding day. A little before noon the party walked out, everyone had little glow sticks and they made a hedge. First they shuffled inside and then they walked out, towards their car. Such a special moment! We took a few more pictures of this wedding exit and then went home.

Exit from a wedding party at Vidaa.

Addresses of Daphne and Ivar

Master of Ceremonies: Done by Dien (Nadine Giezen)
Wedding shoes and wedding dress: De Bruidshoek
Rings and jewelry: Angelo Jewellers
Shoes Daphne: Gabor
Invitations: Made for Moments
Opening Dance: Nature of Dance
Photo location: Lijm & Cultuur in Delft
Wedding location: Vidaa Estate
Flowers: Bridal Bouquet and So
Car: We Love Oldtimers
Cake: Bakverhalen
Band: GiGa
BABS: Wedding Officer Patricia (Patricia Hijdra-Van Daal)
Bridal styling: Mooi Mariska (Mariska van Vliet)