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Loveshoot in Gelderland | Daphne & Ivar

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 029

Loveshoot in Gelderland, near Nunspeet

Sometimes you just have to take a chance. The same applies to this loveshoot in Gelderland. Because with such a wet spring, you’re never sure if it’s going to be dry. Now we had decided together to schedule two dates, on different days.

One day was on a Monday (tons of rain!) and the other day was Friday. This very day started with a lot of rain. We were so lucky to get some “spring” during this particular evening!

Practicing during a loveshoot

Daphne and Ivar are getting married in September. And to practice for the photo shoot, or call it “getting used to”, they booked a loveshoot. Very coincidentally, they were already near us (we live in Elburg), so we went to the Zandenplas in Nunspeet.

This is one of my favorite locations because it has a lot of different type of photo locations. For a moment we doubted whether we would go to the moors, but in the end this place turned out to have everything we needed for a nice relaxed loveshoot.

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 018

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 008

In one hour we walked around the Zandenplas, made grateful use of beautiful trees, the water, here and there a tree trunk and a bench. We made several photos. Lying down, sitting, standing, walking, we tried many things ; )

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 021

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 033

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 040

Because we just bought a whole new set of cameras, Ramon and I are now shooting with the Canon Eos R5 and R6, it was extra fun to shoot. Everything worked out fine: a nice couple that was up for anything, a beautiful sunset and a great location!

Loveshoot in Gelderland between tall trees with evening light.

Loveshoot in Gelderland at the Zandenplas.

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 060

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 064

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 072

Loveshoot as a try-out

Now I’m even more excited about their wedding day! A loveshoot is so much fun because you get to know each other. You can also try out loveshoot ideas, see what works in terms of poses and get to know each other a little better. That way the photo shoot on their wedding day is less “scary”. Both for them and for me (us).

So tip: when in doubt, just book a loveshoot;)

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 077

Loveshoot Daphne Ivar 090

Photo shoot location: Zandenplas in Nunspeet