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Loveshoot in Amsterdam | Lauren & Robert

Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-010

Lauren and Robert asked us to shoot their portraits in Amsterdam. They are both American and live in Amsterdam. We decided to go to the Westerpark and in hindsight: what a great location! First we went to their lovely apartment, left our bags and wedding albums and walked to the park. Robert brought his bike, because he and Lauren spent a lot of time on bikes. To be honest, the same bike, because Lauren really liked to ride on the same bike as him.

The Westerpark was lovely this sunday. You could see many people enjoying the park life; people having a picknick, children playing in the water, couples enjoying the last rays of sun of the day. And among these people, we did the photoshoot. We talked a lot about the upcoming wedding (next spring), we went into the water, we used some flash and we simply enjoyed ourselves. Oh and we photographed of course, and this is the result :)

Lauren and Robert: we cannot wait until we can shoot your wedding!!!

Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-002 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-c Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-005 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-006 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-004 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-008 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-c2 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-009 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-011 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-012 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-014 Loveshoot Fotoshoot Amsterdam-015