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Loveshoot Elburg | Vivian & Pascal


This loveshoot was maybe the scariest thing we did this year. Why? Well that gorgeous young woman you see is Vivian. Vivian is the owner of Het Bruidsmeisje, a great wedding planning service, based in Arnhem (The Netherlands). She met Pascal quite a while ago and now was the perfect time for a loveshoot. Simply to celebrate their love for each other.

So: first we had to to find a date for this shoot, we had to choose a location and time and then we had to actually photograph this shoot. We were so happy to see the love shoot went exactly as planned: a cuddly couple, great weather and a very nice sun set. And thus nice photos, practically taken in our back yard: Elburg.

loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-001 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-002 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-003 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-004 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-005 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-006 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-007 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-008 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-009 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-011 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-013 loveshoot-elburg-vivian-pascal-014