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Lifestyle family photography near ‘t Harde


In the week where we ourselves announced to be a family in a few months, we had our first Mon et Mine family photoshoot. At first we thought Nailia and Thijs wanted a normal loveshoot, like we do more often, but a few days ago they proposed to involve their kids as well. Sure, why not? Wether you’re taking people of 2 or 5 people who really love each other, the idea should be the same.

And so we started this “kind of a loveshoot” near ‘t Harde, where we live close by. It’s the piece of heartland between ‘t Harde and Epe. Nailia thought it would be a great idee to embark on some activities and we couldn’t agree more.

We started with a mini picknick with boho atmosphere, afterwards the kids played with a kite and eventually we went for a walk with a giant yellow balloon. In the meanwhile Ramon and I were taking portraits, detail shots and photos of great moments. We wanted the photos to be as lifestyle like as possible. The photos are played back, there were many laughs and maybe even more talking. And now we share the result. We are totally curious what your opinion is on this first of a kind family shoot.

Gezinsfotografie t Harde c Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-003 Gezinsfotografie t Harde 001 Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-005 Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-006 Gezinsfotografie t Harde c2 Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-007 Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-013 Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-012 Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-015 Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-018 Gezinsfotografie t Harde c4 Gezinsfotografie 't Harde-020 Gezinsfotografie t Harde c5