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Inspiration styling and wedding | Check out these 10 tips

Inspiring styling ideas for a wedding.

Yes!!!! You’re getting married and looking for inspiration for your wedding styling. Glad you came to this place. We’d love to help you get a daily dose of inspiration to make your wedding exactly as you envisioned it.

We go to about 25 to 30 weddings a year and although we prefer to photograph days that are full of love and emotion,… those details are also a lot of fun to photograph. Especially when a couple goes all out. So get inspired, here. And please let us know if you are going get married in 2023 and are still looking for a photographer (or two) ;) Ask for example about your wedding date.

Details are wonderful to photograph and to see back in your wedding album.

When you have details at your wedding, it’s pretty easy to put down a very unique style. This can be done by using recurring colors, materials or other styling elements. We’ve created a blog post with lots of inspiration. Use it to your advantage ;) Some styling you can DIY of course and sometimes it can be useful to get help from friends, family or a professional stylist.

1. Matching the bride and groom’s clothes to the theme

Alright. Completely matching your dress to the theme is sometimes a bit tricky, as many brides would love to get married in a white or off-white wedding dress, but it is still possible to achieve a certain style with accessories for example. We show you a few cool examples below. For example, Shaila had handmade Japanese flowers made in her hair and on her dress.

Bridal couple walking in the Japanese gardens of Hortus Botanicus.

But even if you don’t have a very clear theme, you can make everything look like a coherent whole by adding subtle details.

Hip couple in rock n roll style. He with braces, she with a garland.

2. Super cute wedding stationery in your theme

Okay, another tip: think about what you want in terms of a theme for your wedding invitation. One time we did an awesome inspiration shoot with the theme “Christmas” and the printwork already showed very clearly what the theme would be. If you use clear colors and also give some tips about what shoes are useful, for example, then there is a good chance that your guests will also take these colors into account.

Beautiful printing for a Christmas wedding.

For example, this summer we experienced a couple getting married in the woods and all the guests had taken into account in terms of footwear for this location. In addition, they had completely picked up on the subtle hints in terms of clothing and so almost everyone was in soft pastel shades. So festive! Often guests are fine with taking a dress code or color scheme into account, when they have plenty of time to choose their attire. So let them know in time where you want to go in terms of colors.

All guests, dressed in the same colors and tones.

By the way, styling is not only reflected in the wedding card, but also for example in the name tags on your dinner tables or a welcome sign.

DIY wedding signs for a forest wedding.

3. A nice location to start the day

This could be a nice boutique hotel, or that beautiful home of that one friend. And if your own home suits the style you want to create that day: Go For It! We also often experience that the bride and groom can already start at the wedding location. Especially when “everything” is in 1 location that day.

Bride swings around with her wedding dress in a white setting.

One trend that is still current though, is for the groom to go to the barber that morning. Not even really necessarily for him. Sometimes his friends or brothers or father are the focus. It’s another event in the day, one to remember.

Groom goes to the barber just before his wedding.

4. Photo shoot location

The location where you want any photos of the two of you taken can also fit the theme again. Shaila and Rolf had a great love for Japan, so we went to the Hortus Botanicus in Leiden. Of course to the Japanese garden ;) And Dorien and Toon-Bert got married in the woods and wanted to do their photo shoot in a wooded area as well.

Bride and groom on the heath, near beautiful fallen trees.

5. Wedding cake with decoration

Oh yes and the cake of course. And not just the cake, but definitely the cake toppers. Because there you can make a very clear choice for what you like. Below for example a Christmas cake, complete with snow and Christmas trees.

Getting married with cake and Christmas. Christmas trees on a cake.

Not just the toppers, but a back drop and flowers to match the theme!

Wedding cake in Japanese style. With minifigures as topper.
And when Ramon and I got married, we chose, just like this couple, for a cake table.

Tip: choose several cakes.

Ramon is a fan of fruit cake, while I like white chocolate a lot. Solution: multiple pies.
Also for example fine “old style apple pie”. Everyone’s happy this way. This way you can have a lot of different tastes next to each other.

But you can also choose to have fresh fruit, cupcakes and other tasty snacks served. Guests take what they like best and you can do the same.

A cake table with fresh fruit and delicious cakes.

6. Fully styled wedding ceremony

The place to be to make extra special. This is what the day is all about, the wedding ceremony. And so many couples work with large bouquets, a colorful or subdued back-drop and a special ring box. But you can also think of flowers on the chairs by the aisle, flower confetti for the “walk away moment” or handkerchiefs for the guests. Below, for example, an outdoor ceremony with all different chairs, beautiful back-drop and cut flowers.

Nice informal wedding setting with vintage chairs and backdrop.

Or getting married under very old Sequoias trees with candles everywhere, spring flowers, tree trunks and light cables.

Bride and groom get married outside under old trees with candles and light cables.

And then we had a couple getting married on a mini-island. The day was a mix of romantic floral arrangements, Buddhist elements and friendship. The result was very atmospheric.

Beautiful serene wedding styling for a partially Buddhist wedding.

Well, getting married in the woods is and always will be beautiful. This year we experienced it twice and both times were very special. Old trees are perhaps the most beautiful styling you can have.

Super romantic wedding setting in the woods with fresh flowers, wood and pastel shades.

7. Inspiration Styling for the Reception

If you already have a wedding logo, use it! For example on a welcome sign at the entrance. Then people immediately know where they need to be. You can also choose a guest book that directly fits the theme. For example, with vintage-looking Polaroids or by setting up a festival-style photo van.

Colorful autumnal styling ideas with cake, champagne and lemonade.

Music can also complete an atmosphere. Once we saw that a couple had arranged a singer who sang all kinds of old classics. She was also completely “in style”.

A wedding, in the middle of the woods.
Again, flowers. Flowers everywhere. I think this is the easiest way to set the mood right away. Above, by the way, is the entrance to the Gold & Green, forest wedding of Dorien & Toon-Bert. Dorien had arranged everything herself, with Toon-Bert.

Tip: arrange a tent in August too.

Of course they had help from friends, but I still marvel a bit at the magical atmosphere of this day. Be sure to check out their blog post for even more wedding inspiration.

Their wedding taught me that it is certainly not an unnecessary luxury to arrange a tent. Even if you get married in August, you never know what the weather will do.
Romantic vintage styling tips with flowers and small vases.Wine tasting at a wedding.

8. Group photos with a little extra

A moment we often experience at weddings is a group photo opportunity. And of course you can also bring back a bit of styling of the day. For example your wedding car or the backdrop. But also a garland hanging somewhere or a few nice chairs. Just grab some styling elements and use them at multiple times during your day.

Hip group photos that are just that little bit different.

9. Diner tables, all in theme

The last place where often the most unpacking takes place is the dinner table. Floral arrangements, beautiful plates, personalized name tags, and candles can quickly complete a dining space. And it really doesn’t have to be expensive to make this a beautiful whole. For example, we had our own seasonal flowers and the wedding invitations, which I had accidentally ordered wrong, we were able to turn into cute little flags and handwritten cards for our guests.

Romantic Christmas wedding atmosphere with candles, fireplace and beautiful styling on the table.

With bows and hanging tendrils you also create instant atmosphere. Toon-Bert and Dorien had styled their tables with matching glassware, flowers and folding chairs. And how nice it was!

Long tables, beautifully decorated.

What is really important when you marry outside is that the guests are warm. Unfortunately, you’ll soon be using heaters, but eating in the cold for three hours isn’t much fun either. You can think about arranging some blankets or put on your wedding card that the dinner is outside and that you recommend bringing warm clothes. Then the guests have been warned.

Dine under a stretch tent, with heaters, lamp-posts, lanterns and here and there a beautiful bouquet.

10. Thank you presents that suit the day

And last, but not least, the thank you presents. When you get married in the forest, small succulents or bags with plant seeds are of course very applicable. We have also experienced that a couple chose for chocolate “Amsterdam-posts”. With these little XXX’s on them. Thank you presents are certainly not mandatory, but they are often a lot of fun.

Adorable succulents and/or succulents as thank you gifts for guests.

We hope we’ve inspired you with this inspirational styling. If you want to know more about our photography and what we can do for your wedding, please take a look at how we work. And who knows, we might see you at your wedding : )

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Most of the above tips are in collaboration with:

Stylist: Oh Happy Day (has lots of great styling ideas)
Wedding planner: Het Bruidsmeisje (loves to help you create a unique atmosphere for your day).
Wedding concept: Trouwen in het Bos(when you want to get married in a forest).

If you have specific questions about where certain products come from, please let us know in the comments below. I’m happy to look it up for you ;)