How we Work

It’s quite simple: we want you guys to have wedding photos that show your intimate moments. We try to accomplish this by being present, in the background. We know that a wedding day can be a bit stressful, so we want the photoshoot to be fun. If you decide to not have a photoshoot thats fine as well. Live your day the way you want it and we will be there to take pictures.

1 or 2 photographers on your wedding


It’s true, two photographers take more photos than one. And by having two you can have photos of the preparations of you and your spouse. And maybe you think that one photographer can go home after the first look, but we love to show in our photos why having two photographers is a great idea.

Because your wedding day is all about you and your guests. And we will be somewhere in the background to take as many special photos as possible. We want you to relax and enjoy your day and know that we will be there to capture everything.

We’re almost invisible

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. We want to be present, but we want you to not see us at the same time. After that special family and friends dinner, that intimate moment during the photoshoot or during the first look, we want you to know that nice photos were made. Simply forget us and enjoy the photos that take you back to your wedding day. If you want to ask us anything, we are there to assist, but we won’t ask you to do “stuff, because it’s funny for the photos”.

And we will dress nicely, so we can mingle among your guests. Sometimes people ask us if we are friends of the couple and we see that as a compliment.

And we are husband and wife, married and we have two kids. So we know what to look for during a wedding day. Emotions and moments. And here and there some nice details.


Use our experience


We have photographed more than 400 weddings. And we started our company 12 years ago. We saw many things and know a lot about weddings. So if you have any questions, concerning venues or florists or invitations, please let us know. We would love to help!

And we know our way around a camera. Taking photos in dark settings is no problem at all. We are fans of long dinners and great parties. So if you want us to photograph is harsh sunlight, in a dark wedding venue or during a rainy day, no problem at all. Simply enjoy your day and we will take care of the technical stuff.

Can we help you with anything?

When we get to know each other, during Skype, in person or via email, we love to give you advise when needed. We know many great vendors that can add a little something to your wedding. And if you want advise about which hours should be photographed, we can advise as well.


No hidden costs


When you’re planning a wedding, you want to know what everything will cost. And so we want to be as clear as possible about our pricing, so you know in advance what our prices are. All prices are including VAT and travel costs. You will receive the images in high resolution in a gallery. If you want you can share the images with friends and family.

Vivid Photographs

Sometimes people want to know what differs our photos from our colleagues and we often try to let others answer that question. People say they like the bold colors. Ramon is our photo editor and it’s important to him that our photos are timeless. Bright colors, that are pretty realistic, show the day like it really way. Blue is supposed to be blue and not a vaguer shade of blue.  We like contrast in our images and we want strong black and white photos. Not too dark, just right.

Some images can be a bit “raw”. We want to show the day like it was and thus sometimes show raw emotion.


Six weeks until your photos are ready


We shoot weddings on a professional basis. We can promise you your photos within 3 weeks after your wedding. And often times you see the images even quicker.

And we try to communicate as quickly as possible, as well. Sometimes you will even get an email within an hour. If you want to speak to us you can use the phone, email and Skype. Meeting us in real life is also a possibility. We live in Elburg, a 60 minute drive from Amsterdam.

A week later, album time!

As soon as you have your wedding photos, we will start working on your wedding album. It’s up to you when you want to order the album, but please know that we want it to be your album. So we will use your feedback to make it perfect.