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The best wedding album company | 7 tips to find your perfect match

When you order a professional wedding album, you want it to last for “eternity”. Sometimes your album will collect dust, somewhere in a cupboard, but when you grab the album it is still great to look at. Sometimes it might take a few weeks, sometimes a few months and sometimes a few years, but when you grab the album you will relive the memories of your wedding day. We deliver digitally designed and printed wedding albums. All hand made at great album companies.

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Ordering a wedding album through your wedding photographer

Oh yes please, let us design your album! We have experience with many album companies and have chosen a few great ones to work with. We have changed companies, over the last years, but always to ensure our clients get the best wedding album possible. In the last 11 years we have learned a lot and that’s why we decided to make a vlog. For our colleague photographers and for our wedding couples. The question we’re answering? “How to find the perfect album company”.

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7 Tips for the best album company for your wedding photography business

In this vlog we will offer you an overview of what to look for. This is a small summary of what we tell in the vlog.

  1. Price point: what will the album cost you? What will the delivery costs be? Do you have to ship the album to another county and will that cost you extra?
  2. Sample discount: we advice to order an album before you start offering to your clients. It’s important to see your own photos in the album so you know what to expect. Some companies offer a discount of 25%-50% or even 100%!
  3. Cover options: different companies offer different types or qualities of leather. Is it real leather? Do they offer photo covers? Imprinting? Et cetera.
  4. What type of paper does the company use/offer?
  5. Quality of the prints: how are the folds?
  6. Delivery time: this can vary from 2 tot 6 or 7 weeks.
  7. Customer service: you won’t know how important this is, until you need it….

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