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Having flowers on your Dutch Wedding

Getting married outside at Paviljoen Puur, Diemen, near Amsterdam.
This blogpost is simply about one thing: having beautiful flowers on your Dutch wedding. We often get asked the question: “what should we really do for our wedding?” And our answer is: “if you can budget it, have flowers”. We can’t wait to show you why.

1. Flowers on your wedding to add color

Having flowers on your wedding is an easy way to add a splash of color. Or if you enjoy flowers as much as I do, add a lot of color ;) You can arrange for them yourself, but we know quite a lot flower stylists who are great at their jobs. They can advise you on which flowers to pick, which flowers work well together, what flowers are available on your wedding day and of course they know more about the prices. What I didn’t know in advance is that you have to think about when flowers bloom. You buy them while they are still closed, but you want them to blossom on your day. I also didn’t know that flowers (in theory) are always available, but you have to import them and that can be pretty expensive…

Detailfoto van hortensia en trouwbloemen

Bloemen in een reageerbuisje aan een stoel en bruidsboeket

Sfeerfoto creatief gemaakt bij Landgoed Rhederoord

2. Having flowers on your wedding can make the styling more consistent

When you have a certain theme, for example “Scotland and the Netherlands”, flowers can underline this theme. If you get married in the winter you can choose white flowers or Euphorbia’s, or work with mistletoe and pine trees. A florist can give you way better ideas than I can, but now you have a hint of what’s possible. Maddy, owner of Mon Fleuri, is one of those great florists who know a lot about wedding flowers. We like her, because of her work and because she is such a nice person. And the next photos are flowers arranged by Marte Glasbergen, owner of Bloom your Life. We work with her a few times every year and love her work every time. Especially on this Scottisch wedding in the Netherlands.

Detail photos of flowers on a Scottish themed wedding in the netherlands.

3. Having flowers on your Dutch wedding, simply because you can

Don’t you agree that flowers are magnificent in themselves? They make me happy, because they add color to the darkest venues and are a joy to the eye of every photographer. And there are so many different options that you can choose them on modern weddings, vintage styled weddings, bright and happy weddings, etcetera. The next few photos will show you some of the colorful options Don Florito has. I love her flowers and her style. She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to show it on your wedding.

Bloemen in reageerbuisjes tijdens de kerkdienst

Mooi uitgesproken bruidsboeket en trouwtaart met bloemen.

Bloemen staan op tafel voor het diner tijdens de bruiloft

But aren’t flowers super expensive in the Netherlands?

Well, yes and no. It depends where you want to spend your money. When Ramon and I got married ourselves we wanted a lot of flowers. Because we got married in the spring and we love love love bright colors we decided to have as much spring flowers as possible. Look at all those lovely tulips, buttercups, cytisus and gerbera’s. And because our weddingplanner foud us a great flower stylist it turned out to be a very colorfull scene.

Loads of flowers during a Dutch Wedding near Apeldoorn.

Lenteboeket buiten op een stoeltje en een detailfoto van ranonkel

Vrolijk lenteboeket