Are you getting married in 2024 or 2025 and want to know if the date is still available?

Getting married in the spring

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Getting married in the spring

Traditionally, we receive the first inquiries for the new season in the months of May and June, real spring months. This is due to several reasons: couples want to get married “in the new year”, but with a good chance of beautiful weather.

Little chance of rain

In addition, it is often said that the chance of rain is the smallest in these months, but we secretly doubt that. It is also a period of the year when everyone “feels like it again”; the trees are full of buds, it’s getting warmer and so people often end up in April, May and June.

Cold and blossom

The photo above is from Erik and Annemarie’s wedding. They married a week after Ramon and I were married (in 2013) and were lucky that, despite the cold, it was still possible to make a few photos with blossoms!

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Tips for your spring wedding

We also think spring is a wonderful time for weddings. The season has just started, we are looking forward to all those parties and the promise of summer is there too. It is true that we often notice that these spring months can be quite wet. So some tips:

  • Take the rain into account. Maybe even more so now than in other months, because the chance of sun is super high, but the chance of rain is still there. So if you book an awesome summer location, but it ends up being a rainy day, you’ll want to have a backup plan.
  • This period is enormously popular. So if you have a location or wedding photographer in mind, book in time! For example, we get more than 5 different requests for certain weekends in May and June! The most popular wedding venues will still get more requests, especially if they are super-unique, so start orientating on time.

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  • It can still be pretty chilly in the spring. So make no mistake and take a nice warm blanket with you in case you get cold during the photo shoot or that ride in the wedding car.
  • Go crazy with flowers. Personally I am a big fan of the spring flowers that are available now; they are all nice and brightly coloured. Pastel is also very beautiful. Do check in advance if it is possible to get certain flowers like those beautiful peonies.
  • Are you, like us, totally in love with blossoms? Then look out for the ideal venue in the weeks before your wedding. It is possible that the blossom period is just over, or starts a little later than your wedding. So don’t get too excited about it, or just find a kick-ass alternative location.

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Colorful spring wedding

The nice thing about spring is that you have so many colors, everywhere. In terms of flowers, in terms of trees and plants. Everywhere you look there is colour! And there are many different flowers available too, so take advantage of them at your wedding.

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Spring wedding inspiration

We would like to show you some nice images made in the spring. Look at all those beautiful blossoms, those lovely happy flowers and happy people! How fun is it to really take advantage of all that spring beauty at your photo shoot?

Plan enough time for the photo shoot anyway. Then you have time to visit the most beautiful places. If you really have to walk a lot, you might want to take extra shoes with you, so that you can change in between.

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Outside wedding in spring

Yes, because you can do that too: have your wedding ceremony outside. Want to read more about organizing an outdoor wedding? Please click on the link.

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