Are you getting married in 2024 or 2025 and want to know if the date is still available?

Frequently Asked Questions

Every wedding is unique and so is every wedding photographer. It’s not at all surprising that you have questions. If your question is not listed, please let us know by sending us an email.

Style and method

I secretly hope of course, because you see our pictures and think: YES! We always shoot together because that way we can deliver complete wedding reportages. On the one hand we want to capture the must have moments (think: getting married, exchanging rings, signing autographs), but we also want to capture all the small and spontaneous moments. And what about the preparations in the morning… Ramon usually starts at one location and I (Hermine) at the other.

In terms of moments, think about when you first see each other that day. Or that moment when you walk forward, just before the ceremony begins. Or congratulations from you and your husband/wife. We split up during moments like this so we can capture your day from two points of view. This allows for more photos of various moments and less running back and forth on your day.

If you think one photographer is enough for the day, please let us know. And when in doubt, we can always take a look at your wedding plans.

We make the best reportages when we can be present for a long time. We prefer to capture as many parts of your day as possible, so we have a complete story. We also tell stories with our photos and this takes time. A six hour reportage usually shows images from the last part of your preparations to part of the reception.

On average we spend about 10 hours photographing. In this way we can capture a part of the preparations to a (large) part of the dinner or the first part of the party. Send us an email with your day’s schedule and we will be happy to advise you on which moments are the most beautiful to have photographed.

No, we take our shoots very seriously and prepare well. This preparation contributes to the complete wedding reportage. We see a loveshoot as a “try-out” for your wedding, or just a great moment to have some nice pictures for yourself. Loveshoots are only possible before or after your wedding day. The costs for a loveshoot are €375.

Ai, that’s always a bit of a tricky one. You know, we really want to make beautiful and unique photos, but as soon as we get a list of images, it is at the expense of our creativity and the spontaneity of the wedding shoot. We have done it before, but sometimes it takes a long time to recreate a photo as good as possible.

What we can do is look at the type of images you like and draw conclusions from that. Maybe we discover together that you really want a night shoot, because of that beautiful light or that you think styling is very important. Such a great wedding weekend! We can then tailor the reportage entirely to your wishes. :)

Maybe good to know: we will send you a questionnaire with the question what details are very important. If there is a detail that we cannot know is important (for example a special handkerchief from grandma or something that symbolizes someone who has passed away) we would like to hear about it. As for the rest, you can assume that we photograph what appears in front of our lens.

Pure: we want to capture your day the way it really was. With the caveat that we do, of course, make certain choices. So we avoid large bags with advertising on them, try to get the best composition and will use flash if and where it is very dark. But during the day itself we work as relaxed as possible.

Colorful: Ramon edits all our photos himself, so we have a unique editing style. Our photos are colorful, but in a realistic way. And those black and white images are just a bonus, because you still get them in color.

Emotion & Moment: we love to focus on all the little (emotional) moments that happen and so you’ll see a lot of these images.

Yes! We even include a wedding album as standard in all of our packages. If you don’t think this is so important, you will get a mini-album containing 25 great photos of your day and otherwise we will make a full album. Choose from all options of leather, linen and other fabrics, let us know how you want the cover to be made and we will make you an initial proposal.

Of course you can also give feedback on the album, so all your favorite photos will be in the wedding album. We can order the album within a month after your wedding day, if we receive your adjustments quickly. But please discuss with us what is important for you.

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Prior to booking

We understand very well that you are busy. And many of our couples have children, so meeting them live is often quite a challenge. Skyping, Zooming or Facetimen is therefore definitely an option. We can see each other in real life and talk to each other a little bit, which might help you to decide if we can be “the photographers” for your wedding day.

But you are also welcome in Elburg. We have all the options here in terms of wedding albums and can easily explain the differences. At least know that both ways are an option for us. We usually meet during the week during school hours or in the evenings around 19:30.

When you’re all set and want us at your wedding (yeah!), we ask for your home address. We work with a digital contract which contains the agreements and we also send an invoice for the first €500 (with one photographer €300). The rest of the amount will be invoiced after your wedding day. Specifically:

Of course we will have extensive contact before your wedding day about how your day will go, what you want in terms of a wedding album and we will send you a questionnaire with all the questions that are relevant to us.
Good to know: your date is only 100% booked with us, when we have a signed contract. In other words: you book us and we put the date in the agenda. Sometimes we find out that couples forget to “cancel” this option, which makes it very difficult for us to deal with new requests.

Of course! We both have a Canon R5 and both have an R6 to shoot with. All photos are also written to two memory cards.

If something goes wrong we both have the same camera as a backup. And we bring a bag full of lenses, several flash units and lots of storage cards and batteries.

Short answer: yes and no. Long answer: our time starts when the first photographer is dropped off at the starting location. This is often during the preparations. Our time starts as soon as we start shooting. So not from our house in Elburg.

We may have to move around during the day. This is time we’re in the car for you. Secretly we also prefer to photograph the whole day, but every wedding day is different. Think of it like this: you pay for our presence, from a to z. Everything between the start time and end time is for your wedding.

We are working very hard on your photos! You will receive the photos in an online gallery within 3 to 6 weeks. The password will be sent to you by email as soon as the invoice has been paid and the photos are ready. You can share this gallery with all your friends and family. You can even make certain photos invisible, so you can choose who sees what.

No, but why would you want to? We will make an extensive selection for you with the number of photos, as we have defined in the contract. This will almost always be more.

The downside to having all the photos is:

  • You also have those unflattering pictures.
  • It’s tremendously boring to look at 2000+ photos.
  • We often take several photos of the same setting/subject, just to get a nice picture. You’ll be looking at a lot of duplicate pictures.
  • We don’t provide unedited photos anyway, because we believe that your wedding should be a happy memory of a beautiful day. This doesn’t mean a run-of-the-mill job, but a beautiful, complete reportage.

If, in an exceptional situation, a picture is ‘missing’, please mail us as soon as possible. We’ll check our files to see if we accidentally missed it. We’ll get you that one too, if you like.

No, when we come to capture your day, we reserve the entire day for you. We like to ‘blend in’ with the guests and want to stay active all the time. When you send us home for a few hours in between, we get out of our flow, besides missing too many beautiful moments.

When you have a dinner party, think of all those speeches, that beautifully table, and those gorgeous dishes! To promote photos at dinner, we created a great blog post about photos at dinner.

We don’t have a Photo Booth ourselves, but are happy to recommend an external partner. We don’t offer this ourselves, because our style is spontaneous and relaxed. Think of photos of your guests chatting, laughing about a joke or admiring your clothes. This spontaneous effect is completely gone the moment we ask people to “smile for the photo”.

Of course we will take group photos during the day if you want, but afterwards we will go back to taking ‘real’ photos. If you would like to, we can recommend a number of colleagues who rent out separate photo booths. They are listed at the bottom of our “wedding tips for your wedding” page.

That can always happen, of course. But are we talking about catching a cold here or actually being sick-sick? We don’t get sick that easily, but if we do, we’ll still come. If we would have a broken leg or arm, we have an extensive network with countless great colleagues. We even have an emergency WhatsApp group, so we can communicate with each other quickly.

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The wedding day itself

A sandwich would be nice and an artist meal in the evening would be great. So if we could join you for a bite to eat during your wedding day, it would certainly benefit the photos! Many wedding venues offer special artist meals. We both eat meat, love chips and something like salad or something. Nothing fancy, but nutritious. Then we can get right back to work for you.

We hear this so often! Really… so many couples think of themselves as not being photogenic. The solution we have for this is to let you chat with each other. Focus on each other and just forget about your photographer: then you’ll get your picture taken naturally. And if we notice that you are tense during a photo shoot, we will give you some small instructions to loosen up a bit. I think 75% of our couples were a little nervous beforehand, so it’s going to be totally fine!

We recommend that you schedule at least 60 minutes for photo shoots. All travel time and ‘getting in the car’ time is added to this. Usually this takes about 1,5 hours. But… a photo session is not obligatory. If you want to spend less time here, that’s OK too.

Family portraits usually take 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of combinations you choose. We recommend going for a maximum of 10 combinations.

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Other questions

I’d love to! Email us soon with all your stories. We are familiar with weddings in Italy, Belgium, France and Portugal and like to work in special locations. We charge a realistic surcharge for going abroad due to our travel and accommodation costs.

Short answer: for a wedding in Belgium (or on the Wadden Islands) we charge €200 extra and if you marry in another country we usually charge for travel, food and accommodation. Please send an email if you have specific questions about this. And see our destination weddings here.

We often work with videographers. So we’re happy to list our favorites. It’s a good idea to pick a videographer who, like us, is unobtrusive and really wants to capture the moments. That way, the photos and film add to your memories.

Yes, thanks for asking! Here’s our list:

  • Wedding in Downton Abbey style, with rolling hills, beautiful British or Irish castles and lots of happiness. (So if possible in England, Scotland, Wales and (Northern) Ireland).
  • A wedding in a beautiful chic setting, think chandeliers, a ballroom and gold everywhere. Ramon thinks immediately of Vienna and so on.
  • Getting married in Scandinavia: for example Sweden, Norway and Finland. Preferably with a view over a fjord, beautiful wild landscape and high mountains. And water…. lots of water…

Ramon (Mon) et Hermine (Mine). Super simple; our company name consists of our own names, plus a little French for “et”.