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Organizing a festival wedding | What do you need?

Great! You are thinking about organizing a festival wedding and so you are looking for ideas and inspiration. We love to share our experiences with festival weddings with you, because we are absolute fans ourselves.

Decoration and styling for a backyard festival wedding.

Decoration for your festival wedding

Let’s start with decoration. A festival wedding often takes place in a place where there is a lot of space. This can also look a bit bare. So be sure to think of wooden poles with light bulbs in between. You could also use lanterns or ribbons in between to add a little more color.

This lighting not only defines a space, but also provides extra atmosphere in the evening. Do you want more atmosphere? Think for example of fire baskets (in a safe place). That way you also have extra heat. Convenient!

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Think of different seating areas. Often you can hire styling companies for this, but it is also possible to get started yourself. With a rug as a basis, you quickly make a cosy little area. Add a lamp, a table with flowers and you’re done!

When it comes to colours, you can of course go all out for a festival atmosphere. Bright colours add an extra cheerful touch. In any case, choose colours that you like yourself. With some subtle colours you also have a cheerful atmosphere.

And be sure to consider signage as well. For example a welcome sign, a number of arrows with an overview of where everything is located and possibly also arrows to the parking lot, possibly a toilet building (or toilet cart) and the ceremony site.

Large tent for a wedding outside on the grass.

Arrange for a big wedding tent

I think one thing is essential: a big tent! Of course you hope for good weather, but when it’s too hot (no shade) or too cold (possibly even rainy) a tent is a great asset. If the weather is good you can still eat outside and keep the rest for the party itself (if you have one) and if the weather is bad, you can still get married at this location, without getting wet.

Ordering food from a foodtruck.

Organizing a food truck wedding?

Because nothings says “festival” like foodtrucks of course! The additional advantage of Food Trucks is that you can also arrange for more than one, especially if you have more than 50 guests. Guests can then make a choice more easily.

Difficult to choose? Just have multiple food trucks!

For example, they can choose between pizza, vegan food and barbecue. Or compose something yourself, everything is possible. And so here we have an overview of some of the options we experienced ourselves. Do you want one easy overview? Check out this website with lots of food trucks.

Camping out at a festival wedding and having a cup of tea next to it.

Coffee, baristas and delicious biscuits

Not only do we often see food trucks, we also often see one of those little coffee bars on wheels! For example, your guests are welcomed with a delicious cappuccino, can also get something tasty during areception time and finish their meal with a fine espresso. Anything’s possible! Some are nicely styled too.

We recommend these baristas: Coffee Tuk Tuk, Baristini, Aunt Sus and Casa Barista.

Individual foodtrucks and catering

And these food trucks are totally approved by us. All of them delicious food, beautifully styled and friendly people: Salland Smokers, Fabulous Foodtruck and Pizza with Pazzi.

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Activities for a Festival Party

Because the atmosphere at a festival wedding is so loose and colorful, you can also go wild with regard to activities. Create your own atmosphere. We’ve already seen these ideas at weddings:

  • Piñata-smashing, fun for the kids, but also for adults!
  • Get a professional to do it for you and you’ll enjoy it for days to come.
  • Wine tasting, the atmosphere is good and it is also instructive!
  • Photobooth or nook so everyone can make a fun memento of your party.
  • Looking at photo books, for example a photo album your parents brought back, from the old days.
  • Live music by musicians who also walk around.

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Nanny for your festival wedding

Are there many children present at your wedding? Then, for example, arrange for a nanny to keep an eye on the little ones. Also nannies can often come up with fun activities for the kids. So be sure to discuss what is possible.

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I hope I have given you some ideas for a great festival wedding. If you want to see more wedding tips and ideas, use the link.