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Dutch Wedding in Goes| Simone & Gerjan

Bruidsfotografie Goes-026

Whoohoo, the last wedding of the season. A real autumn wedding. We had all kinds of weather, the leaves were changing color and the days were shorter than a few weeks ago. So we really enjoyed working with al these different elements.

Simone and Gerjan got married in Goes. The civil ceremony was arranged on a different day, but the church ceremony would take place on this thursday. And we were there to take their wedding photos. The couple found an industrial location, but decided to change the location because the drive would be way to long. So we went to the Midden Zeeland airport. Gerjan likes planes and so we shot loads of pictures with him, Simone and some beautiful aircrafts.

We were there to shoot the preparations, the photo shoot, the church ceremony and everything in between. When dinner started we were done for the day. We decided, quite last minute, to go outside for a few last photos and even though it was raining, we think we captured a lovely romantic moment between these two.

Bruidsfotografie Goes-001Bruidsfotografie Goes-002Bruidsfotografie Goes-003Bruidsfotografie Goes-004Bruidsfotografie Goes-005Bruidsfotografie Goes-006Bruidsfotografie Goes-007Bruidsfotografie Goes-008Bruidsfotografie Goes-011Bruidsfotografie Goes-009Bruidsfotografie Goes-012Bruidsfotografie Goes-013Bruidsfotografie Goes-014Bruidsfotografie Goes-016Bruidsfotografie Goes-015Bruidsfotografie Goes-017Bruidsfotografie Goes-cBruidsfotografie Goes-019Bruidsfotografie Goes-020Bruidsfotografie Goes-021Bruidsfotografie Goes-022Bruidsfotografie Goes-023Bruidsfotografie Goes-024Bruidsfotografie Goes-025



Oorbellen & ketting: Ti Sento
Trouwpak: Van Westen
Kapper en make up:
Schoenen bruid: Unisa
Bruidsbloemen: Bloempaleis Beukenhof