Are you getting married in 2024 or 2025 and want to know if the date is still available?

Intimate Wedding

When you get married one of the questions is: who do we invite? You can opt for a large wedding, but also for an intimate wedding. A wedding day with just that small group of people who are very close to you. That group that simply has to be there all day. We often notice that couples then choose to make a weekend of it, they marry abroad or they have a full evening dinner, without a party. We also see more and more that more intimate weddings have a wedding lunch, instead of a dinner.

We see a lot of color coming back to these weddings. For example, by using large bouquets, arbors decorated with flowers or by hay bales with cosy rugs on top. In any case, couples choose to have an outside wedding, which is often possible with a spring wedding or summer wedding. We are definately fans.

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