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Small wedding at Castle Wijenburg Echteld | Corné and Rianne

A year ago, Wijenburg Castle Echteld (also called the House of Echteld by some) was voted the most popular wedding location in Gelderland. And we get that…. it’s a real castle, without feeling dark or cumbersome. You have thick walls and high windows. A beautiful library and blue salon, but also a vaulted cellar. In short: Wijenburg Castle is just a beautiful place.

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 001 1

Their thoughs exactly: a location that is for you and your guests the whole day, without having to meet other couples. A place with a lot of history and atmosphere, but you can also enjoy good food. And we were allowed to photograph this day. Great!

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Corné went to change clothes at a completely different location, while Rianne had the library of Castle Wijenburg Echteld to herself. She was helped by her make-up artist/barber and her mother. There was a relaxed atmosphere where the day really started with awareness.

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 004 1

Oh that wonderful wonderful library…. Where else do you have a place like this? I really only know one!

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 005 1
Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 006 1

First Look at Wijenburg

The first look… Rianne was ready for it, Corné drove up in a Ford Mustang and yes: the first look moment. We chose the entrance of the castle, because this wedding location was chosen so deliberately. I always love to see how a couple sees each other “in wedding clothes” for the first time!

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Bridal couple in the vault of Castle Wijenburg Echteld.

Photo reportage at Castle Wijenburg

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Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 018 1
Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 020
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Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 019

We did the photo shoot in and around the castle. Rianne studied history and so she was particularly keen to make use of the various rooms in the castle. We visited the vaulted cellar, the library and the garden surrounding the castle. In this way, it really became a Wijenburg reportage.

After the photo shoot, the party arrived. People were welcomed in the library with coffee and tea. And not much later it was time for the intimate ceremony in the Blue Salon.

Library of Castle Wijenburg Echteld.
Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 022

Now we are normally quite fond of brushing away emergency exit signs, but Corné is an integral safety expert and so he is always very aware of where safety has been considered and where it has not. So: here the sign stays.

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 023

Even though it would have been possible to marry outside, they very deliberately chose to say yes in this beautiful space. An intimate atmosphere with friends and family around them. Lovely to see, isn’t it?

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 024
Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 025

After an extensive lunch and group photos it was time to go to church. We only took pictures here of the entry and the moment right after the wedding ceremony.

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 027
Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 028

And that picture below: it’se a butterfly circling around the bride… Small gifts, to capture.

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 029

Tastings at Castle Wijenburg Echteld

Once the party was back at the wedding venue, a toast was given. Rianne and Corné both come from large families and so this moment was also extra festive. How nice is it to be able to celebrate such a day with all your brothers and sisters and relatives? This was followed by a nice drink on the terrace of Castle Wijenburg.

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 030
Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 031

And secretly this moment above is one of my favorites: look at those two in love! (Update from the bride: she tried to steal the groom’s drink hahaha. Just goes to show how sometimes photos can seem much more romantic than they are ; )

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 032
Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 033
Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 034

Dine together

Bruiloft Kasteel Wijenburg 035

After the drinks moment, during which a delicious cake was also eaten, it was time to go inside. The group could enjoy a full evening dinner with many delicious snacks. Another beautiful day. And even though corona is still not over, we are slowly noticing that more and more is possible.

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Addresses of Rianne & Corné

invitations: Made for moments
Rings: goldsmith atelier Jeandice
dress: Anastasi Bridal Studio
suit & shoes: Roka
shoes bride: The beautiful bride shop
hair & make-up: By Madeleine
Florist: Bloemijntje
location: Wijenburg Castle Echteld
car: We love oldtimers