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Wedding at Altembrouck | Carolin & Jan Willem


Such a lovely day at Altembrouck castle. It started with a church wedding in Aachen, Germany. We photographed the most important moments and went to Altembrouck, a location we already knew from a different wedding we shot years ago. You can only do the location justice by taking a look at the photos. Why? Well… the building itself is unique, the meadows are unique, the farm animals are unique, the cuisine is unique (whoohoo Wagyu!), the room where you have dinner is unique, etcetera etcetera.

And so we enjoyed ourselves. By taking a lot of photos of these two very photogenic people and by working around the sun and the rain and by trying to capture the unique character of this location. And I even enjoyed speaking German for the first time in a year.

What we really liked about this day was the fact that Jan Willem and Carolin asked us to capture not only themselves, but also their family. Many guests travelled quite a bit to get to the venue and some hadn’t seen each other in a long time. So we tried to photograph as many unique moments as possible.

An other personal aspect of the day was their “Aviation Theme”. Jan Willems sister, who is a great dancer and actress, performed as an air hostess and was quite well at it. She also tap danced, which we hadn’t seen at a wedding before. So all and all a very special day. With great styling, a jazz bans, loads of flowers, a very cute couple, lollypops, I think I even heard a few minions, more candy and cakes, wish candles and a spectacular opening dance.

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Landgoed Hotel Altembrouck,
Bread & Delicious Maastricht
Daniel Stein (DJ),
Flowers: Blumenhaus Götzkes Aachen