New Logo

Maybe you’ve already seen the changes on our website. If this is your first visit: we have a new logo. We wanted our logo to represent the “new” Mon et Mine. When we started our company in 2010, we were pretty quick with finding someone to design our logo. The

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Getting married in the Dutch Woods | Bas & Gael

Getting married in the Dutch Woods. Maybe not the first thing you have in mind when you decide to get married, but it can turn out great! Bas & Gael had a real Dutch wedding, with ceremony, reception with cake and bubbles, dinner and a party. And all of this

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Wedding at Altembrouck | Carolin & Jan Willem

Such a lovely day at Altembrouck castle. It started with a church wedding in Aachen, Germany. We photographed the most important moments and went to Altembrouck, a location we already knew from a different wedding we shot years ago. You can only do the location justice by taking a look

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New wedding albums

Woohoo! Our wedding season is almost starting and of course that means: new sample albums! To show to couples that are getting married at the end of 2016 or somewhere in 2017. We’ve made a small movie clip to give an impression of some of the options of these albums.

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This is us

Two photographers, married, mum and dad of Emmily and Julia. We love pretty things, love to stroll along the beach, drink hot cocoa and cappuccino. We’ve found each other in our love for photography and have stayed together ever since.

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