Forest Wedding | Maaike & Wilko

So Maaike’s sister is a wedding photographer. She once did one of our wedding photography workshops and when her sister told her that she was getting married, she knew who could take the photos. 

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Wedding near Eindhoven | Annemieke & Bart-Jan

When you get married in the Netherlands the weather is always a bit of a gamble. Especially when you decide to say yes in the fall. This couple was very lucky. They chose October and had a summer day! Annemieke asked me what they should do, regarding the ceremony setting

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Getting married in Amsterdam | Calex

Every once and a while we have a wedding in Amsterdam. And every once and a while, Ramon photographs weddings on his own. This is his first, Amsterdam, wedding. And I’m pretty proud of the result ; ) And look at that wonderfull industrial location Pllek!

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A Dutch Country side wedding: Rhederoord

A very nice Dutch wedding Most people who decide to get married in The Netherlands choose a famous city like Utrecht or Amsterdam. But getting married in the countryside can be beautiful as well. You only need a bit of imagination and a bit of luck. This Dutch couple decided

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Wedding The Duke | Richard & Patricia

We haven’t been really “socially” active the last few weeks. Especially on the English part of our website. And so I present: a new blog! This is quite a special one, because this couple is as fond of photography as we are. They love to photograph synchronous ice skating and

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This is us

Two photographers, married, mum and dad of Emmily and Julia. We love pretty things, love to stroll along the beach, drink hot cocoa and cappuccino. We’ve found each other in our love for photography and have stayed together ever since.

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