Finley Het Witte Huis | Wedding near the water

This is a special day. A day that started near a lake. At a wonderful home, filled with people that were thrilled that their special day was here. Anjuli had her make-up time in her home, while her sisters in law, friends and both mothers were there as well. And

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Summer at the Roode Koper | E&B

When you decide to get married in the Netherlands, it is quite important to choose a venue with enough hotel rooms. The Roode Koper is not only a venue with Michelin star: one can get married here and stay here! A perfect combination. We have often visited this (wedding) venue

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Wedding at the Kas in Amsterdam | J & M

Jiyoung and Max got married at The Kas (De Kas). This is one of those great Amsterdam wedding venues. Well actually… it is a restaurant, with great food and they sometimes have the opportunity to get married there. Either way: when you want to be in the middle of Amsterdam

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It Flinkeboskje | Hemelum | Merel and Jeroen

  So when you get married in The Netherlands, people often think about locations in Amsterdam. But did you know that, what Amsterdam-people often call “The Province” is very very beautiful? For instance, Friesland, to be more specific “It Flinkeboskje” in Hemelum. What an Instagram-worthy wedding venue! This location is a

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Wedding at Winselerhof Landgraaf | Tanya & Chris

So Tanya is Mexican-German, works in Flanders and lives together with her fiance Chris. He is from the UK. What a perfect plan to celebrate your wedding somewhere in the middle: in The Netherlands. The south of the Netherlands, to be precise, at The Winselerhof in Landgraaf.

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