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Behind the scenes – 2016

behind the scenes 2016 011

Would you like to see more of “Mon et Mine”, behind the scenes? Well it kind of looks like this. We try to dress nicely for the wedding, we eat a lot during the day to stay energized and we climb on all sorts of items. Mainly in trees, on stairs and old carts. If something is higher than “eye-level”, we will probably try to stand on it.

You can also see us as stand-ins. We often take photos of ourselves to check the lighting and the composition. We want to be sure that photos “work” before we ask you to stand in a certain place. And thus we have a lot of photos of ourselves. It goes without saying that we are proud of these photos ; )

I know it is a cliche, but we really love our job. Every day is different than the one we had before. We cannot wait until it’s April. In a few weeks our wedding season starts. And we are looking forward to so many weddings. Stay posted for more beautiful wedding collections.

behind the scenes 2016 001behind the scenes 2016 002behind the scenes 2016 004

When Ramons sister, Kim, got married at Domaine d’heerstaayen, I had to grab some umbrella’s. It was raining cats and dogs when I went to pick them up and when I got to the couple it stopped.

behind the scenes 2016 006behind the scenes 2016 007behind the scenes 2016 003

Whenever you see your “photographer-meal” underneath one of those gloches, you HAVE to take a picture. Isn’t that fancy?

behind the scenes 2016 009behind the scenes 2016 005

The above photo is a perfect example of me being a stand-in for one of our photos. Do you want to see the end-result? Have a look at this gorgeous Amsterdam wedding.

behind the scenes 2016 008behind the scenes 2016 013

It’s a Dutch wedding photographer custom to take a photo of the wedding certificate + wedding bouquet + “trouwboekje”. It’s not the most creative shot, but we take it nevertheless. This is Ramon during an attempt to make the most of this shot.

behind the scenes 2016 010

Just a moment to alter the bride’s hair. If you take a photo you want it to be perfect, right? Jack and Lynn had a Botanical Wedding and their shoot took place in the old Hortus Botanicus of Leiden city. We loved their photoshoot location, because of all the different options for photos.

behind the scenes 2016 012

And this blogpost would not be complete without one corny photo of one of us, eating. Normally Ramon takes loads of photos of me, eating cake. We need all those calories to stay energized for your wedding day. Well we don’t really need wedding cake, but we like it : ) Nomnomnom!