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Authentic wedding photography: capturing real moments and emotions

There are many ways you can photograph a wedding. And it takes years to develop your own style as a wedding photographer. But there is something very special about authentic wedding photography. In this blog, I will explain to you what authentic wedding photography is, why it might be a good option for your wedding day, and how I do my best as a wedding photographer to capture these unforgettable moments.

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What is authentic wedding photography?

Authentic wedding photography is a style that emphasizes capturing real and spontaneous moments of your wedding day. Instead of more traditional, posed photos, authentic wedding photography is all about the natural and real emotions and interactions between bride and groom and guests. The photos tell the story of your day without much intervention from the photographer.

A small authentic moment like landing a butterfly on your wedding dress.

For example, consider the signing: do you have to look into the photographer’s lens or do you just experience this moment as it happens? Do you cut the cake and once again look into that lens or do you look at each other and your guests? Do you want a photo shoot or do you just want a journalistic wedding coverage, without a more formal photo shoot?

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Why choose authentic wedding photography?

Authentic wedding photography can be a particularly powerful way to have your wedding day captured. The photos capture the unique atmosphere of your day: the joy, those giga nerves in the morning, the excitement of walking down the aisle, or the tears of joy or sadness. Your wedding photos show how you and your guests really are, in a way you can recognize yourself.

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Typically, perhaps, as few people as possible look into the lens. The wedding photos take you back to the moment, even if you weren’t there yourself. The role of the photographer is observer, not director. Or maybe the photographer was really thinking along, but was upfront, so there was no need to intervene in the moments.

Two wedding photographers for your wedding, husband and wife team of Mon et Mine wedding photography.

This is how we create authentic wedding photos

We strive to be as unobtrusive as possible. We observe, we photograph, and we capture the pictures as they really occurred. We do not (or hardly) intervene and we do not direct.

We want to photograph or maybe even document your emotions and events of your wedding day, so that afterwards you can remember the day as it really took place. That way, the wedding photos take you back to that one unique day in your lives.

Authentic wedding photography is reflected in moments such as dancing in the street.

Tips for wedding couples

How to make sure you get authentic wedding photos yourself? Read these tips:

  • Be yourself. Don’t try to pose or act. Real emotions and interactions are the most beautiful.
  • Forget the camera. It takes some getting used to at first, but we go about it as unobtrusively as possible. So see the camera and then let it go.
  • Trust us. We have had the privilege of photographing more than 525 weddings and really experienced everything once. We know how to photograph your emotions, but also how to make small choices in this that will make your photos just a little bit calmer.
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  • Communicate with us in advance. We are happy to schedule an introductory meeting so we know your needs. We also send a questionnaire so we can connect the dots.
  • Schedule sufficient time. Better to have a few empty moments in terms of planning than to be rushed.
  • Embrace the unexpected. Go with the flow of your day. Something will always slip or go wrong. That’s okay. It is part of your day. Arrange with your master of ceremonies when he or she needs to consult things and for the rest, trust that things will work out.
  • Choose the right suppliers. For example, make sure your wedding photographer, videographer and wedding officiant know what you would like to see reflected in terms of your wedding day.
  • Enjoy. Enjoy. And enjoy some more. We try to take you for a mini evening shoot at sunset. Then you have a few extra minutes to yourself. And otherwise: just enjoy as much as you can, because this is such a special day!
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